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Hello! I am so excited to start Jukebox up again for this year. I can't believe it's the fifth year already.

Journal style changes

You may notice that both this community and the LiveJournal community look a little different. With a bit of help, I re-jigged the theme and colours and added link lists. My hope is that the new design is a) more legible and useful, b) more consistent across the two communities, and c) a little prettier (though that is a very distant third). I'm happy to take further feedback; otherwise, if you add ?style=mine to the end of a URL in this comm, it'll show you the page in your own journal style. Maybe there'll be a sticky post with a nice picture later.

Currently, the links list includes the collection, the tag set, and the schedule; later I'll add other things like the canons, the letters post, and the beta post. Suggestions welcome. What makes the community easy to use for you?

Rule changes

Small changes for this year include:
Art minimum
I tweaked this to remove the pixel requirements, which didn't really work last year, and specify that if you are submitting graphics, at least 3 separate pieces are required; otherwise, please just ensure that the work is checked for obvious problems (don't draw on lined paper, make sure you have a reliable scanner or camera, check resolution, etc) and is complete. EDIT: Now changed to: collages, manips, and similar graphics may be given as treats to people who are open to them, but may not be used to fulfil an assignment.

Nominations limit
Last year I allowed 8 nominations; I'd prefer to make it 7 this year. That is solely because it seems to take around the same number of total hours for me to put together the link tables as there are nominations per participant. Weird, I know, but it's consistent. I can commit to 7 hours in one day to put the tables together, but 8 was stretching it and I don't want to delay sign-ups. If this is a large disappointment to y'all, I'll reconsider.

Requests limit
Last year you could request 3-8 pieces of music. It occurs to me that 8 is a bit arbitrary since AO3 goes up to 10 easily. Does anyone want me to change the possible request maximum to 10? The minimum will not change.

Pinch hits
Are you all happy with me continuing to post them to the community?

Any other feedback is welcome.


Since nominations will open on Friday (approximately), please use this post and its Dreamwidth equivalent to share what you're thinking of nominating! This is an optional part of the exchange and so is nominating, but it's a good way to get ideas, see if other people are excited about your music choices - or at the very least, bring your favourite music to other people's attention.

This post on LJ
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As nominations will begin in approximately 4 days, this post is a place to bounce ideas around, gauge interest for your preferred songs & music videos & other pieces, and decide what to nominate.

You have 8 nominations this year. This and other rule updates are on AO3.

This post is also on LiveJournal - check the comments there as well.
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Zdenka has very kindly made me some banners. You can share each one by copying the code below it. Please promote this fest on your chosen platforms - the more participants, the merrier.

more banners below cut )

I have also updated the fest FAQ and Rules at the 2015 AO3 collection profile. Please take a look and let me know of any inconsistencies - or unanswered questions - that remain. You can comment here or email me at I am always happy to hear from people, even if you don't end up signing up.

Finally, what are you planning to nominate? Let's toss some ideas around either here or at the equivalent post on LiveJournal.
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Welcome to Jukebox 2014!

Nominations for this exchange will open on the 18th of April, depending on your timezone.

If you're interested in participating, here is a post to talk about songs you want stories for, and gauge or drum up others' interest in those canons.

From the FAQ, here's what I'm defining as a song.

What counts as a song? )

See the AO3 collection page for more information about this exchange.

Here is the same post on the LiveJournal community:
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Here if you'd like to share music you're keen on, or sound out whether someone else might be interesting in reading/writing the songs you want to write/read for.

Links are welcome.

Nominations will open 26 July are open now (!) and close 1 August.

(See also: for the same post on the LJ community.)


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