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It is now 4 weeks to assignment deadline! Give or take a couple of minutes. Assignments are due on the 3rd or the 4th of June, depending on what time zone you are in. See when in your time zone works are due.

Because of this, I have made all requests visible. See all requests.

A couple of notes:

-I'm typing this up quickly in my lunch break and am generally lazy, so I'm not planning on writing a How To Post Your Assignment post. HOWEVER. If posting an assignment to AO3 is new to you, please email me with any doubts or confusion. I am always happy to answer questions; you are not wasting my time.

-Treats are encouraged! Treats of any length and type can go in the main collection. Your treat will not become someone's main gift unless I've checked with you first. Post at will!

-If you have some time to beta other people's works, consider offering your services on the relevant previous post (will edit link in later).
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There are just over three weeks remaining to complete your Jukebox assignment - here's the countdown. Congratulations to those who have already completed a fic, and good luck to everyone who's still writing.

Thank you to the pinch hitters and beta readers who have volunteered so far. More are welcome.

Because we are at the halfway point, I have made all requests visible. If you would like to create a treat for someone's prompt, please do! Treats are posted to the same collection.

So, how's everyone going? (Excellently, I hope. However, if something has come up, there is no default penalty.)


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