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Hi all,

I'm really sorry, but I'm going to have to delay sign-ups by approximately a day as I did not budget enough time for data entry along with the increased nominations limit.

Tables of songs & sources will be up within a day.
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Nominations run for two more days and close at 11:59 PM (1 minute to midnight) on the 26th of March in EDT. See what time that is in your time zone.

Could the nominators of the following pieces please comment, contact me by email, or change their nominations:

1. My brother my enemy - Sassafrass Singers (Song)
-What kinds of requests do you envisage? I am not sure a Norse mythology request based on this song is completely within the aims of this challenge, but I'm willing to be convinced.

2. Duran Duran (Music Videos)
-This is too broad. Please nominate single music videos, separately.

I am assuming that Gloria (Song) and Who Wants to Live Forever (Song) refer to the Them and Queen versions respectively. I will approve Rainbow Connection.

Thank you especially to people who have submitted links along with their nominations - this makes the following data entry task a lot faster and helps ensure that I can get the tables up before the end of my long weekend.
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I have re-organized the FAQ and posted it in this year's collection. Last year's FAQ, for comparison, is here.

The intentional changes are:
-podfic is now based on the tag set, so a podfic creator, or creative team, must write and record a story of 500-5000 words based on a nominated song
-Requests will be revealed as soon as assignments go out
-You can request all art, or all podfic, or whatever combination of media you want in your requests
-You are not required to request at least one song with lyrics.

Please let me know if there's a glaring error or loophole in what I have written. I may continue to tweak formatting, as my command of AO3 heading styles is poor and I don't think the result is amazingly legible yet. But I hope it is more navigable than it used to be.

I will put up a brainstorming post tomorrow!!
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Hello! It is not quite Jukebox time again, but nearly!

This is what I'm thinking for Jukebox's 2016 schedule.

Brainstorming post: before 15 March
Nominations: 18-26 March
Sign-ups: 28 March to 6 April
Assignments due: Sat 28 May
Works go live: Sat 4 June
Creators are revealed: Wed 8 June

Unless people point out significant problems with these dates, I don't plan to adjust any of them by more than a day in the final schedule. (For example, I may make go-live 3 June rather than 4 June.) These dates are mostly geared to my public holiday schedule, allowing me to put together the table of songs over Easter weekend, and to read works over Queen's Birthday Weekend. I realise that some periods of participant activity overlap religious dates - please let me know if you think that the overlap isn't workable.

Structure of requests & types of media
Art and podfic seemed to go pretty well last year, and did not cause any additional difficulty for pinch hits. Because of this, I am inclined to relax the rules about media in your offers and requests. You can request or offer whatever combination you want. If you want to request only podfic, you can. If you want to request only art, you can. I suspect that many participants willl want to continue asking for & offering fic only. That's fine too.

I don't plan to include vids.

More about podfic
My rules for podfic were complicated last year. Hagar_972, in particular, persuaded me that instead of my previous system, which went:

-Sign up offering (or requesting) "No Fandom"
-Create (or request) a podfic out of the existing pool of song-based fic with appropriate permissions, possibly to a theme suggested by the recipient

it would make more sense for a podfic gift to consist of 1 new story, in both written and podficced form, so that you would request and offer it as follows:

-Sign up offering songs or music videos from the tag set, and the freeform tag "podfic"
-Create (either by yourself or as part of a team) a story for that song or music video, with a minimum of 500 words, both written and recorded. (The minimum length for a fic-only gift would still be 1,000 words.)
-A writing/podficcing team counts as one participant, in the sense that such a team would receive one gift, not one per person.

Would you all prefer that? AND, if we switched to that, for podfic, should I keep the no-fandom version from last year's rules? I'm inclined to ditch it - for matching, anyway; you could still indicate in your prompts/letter that you'd be open to a podfic of an existing story as a gift.

Visibility of requests
More and more exchanges are making requests visible from the moment you sign up. I am tempted to do this for Jukebox - especially since it could be very useful to know which media people are requesting for their songs & music videos. How do people feel about that?

Please let me know any thoughts you have, or just let me know if what I have written isn't clear. You don't have to have participated before to have a say - though of course I'm very glad to hear from previous participants.
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I have made creators' names visible on the archive. Feel free to promote your work under your own name.

Thank you to everyone, especially to Measured_Words for tag wrangling, to silverr, Flamebyrd, fleurlb, Zdenka, seekingferret, Merfilly, merryghoul, and IShouldBeWriting for pinch hitting, and to seekingferret and Measured_Words for discussing rules with me before the start of this round. Thanks also goes to paraka, chestnut_filly, originally, and akamine_chan for discussing podfic with me, and hm_f for discussing art.

As usual, I really enjoyed running this exchange and I'm glad about everyone who participated. However, everything can be improved, and if the exchange didn't work for you in some way, I'm interested in hearing about that too. Feel free to comment on this post - anonymous comments are enabled, if you prefer.

More thoughts below - edited to add further thoughts )
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Pinch hits #3 and #4 have been claimed - though treats are always welcome. The deadline for these pinch hits is:

New York / EST: Friday 5 June, 11:59pm
GMT: Saturday 6 June, 3:59am
NZ: Saturday 6 June, 3:59pm.

Pinch hit #3 for lea_hazel - fic and art - CLAIMED )

Pinch hit #4 for pocketmouse - fic - CLAIMED )

One week!

Jun. 10th, 2014 03:56 pm
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Our deadline is in, very nearly, 168 hours.

You know the drill:

Countdown to the deadline

The deadline according to your time zone

Link to the collection

Thanks to all past, present & future pinch hitters. We might need a few more - if you think you can pitch in, email jukebox.mod at gmail to be added to the list. ^!^


Jun. 4th, 2014 11:25 am
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You have a little over 13 days (sorry, not such a tidy number this time) before the deadline. At the deadline, I will automatically set to "default" anyone who has not submitted a story, and send their assignment out to pinch hit.

When you signed up, the expectation was that you would write a story and receive a story. If you can, please write your story. But if you can't see yourself finishing - which happens - please default in a timely manner so that a pinch hitter has plenty of time to write the story in your stead. (Thanks in advance, pinch hitters!)

The deadline is midnight at the end of the 16th of June if you are in New York, or 4pm on 17th June in New Zealand.

Here is the countdown to the deadline.

If I've set this up correctly, here is the deadline according to your time zone.

I hope writing is going well. ^!^ For myself, my goal is to finish my first draft before the end of this weekend.
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Since you have had your assignment for a week, it is faintly possible a post about posting to the collection is relevant. (I meant to write this post earlier, but got distracted by another exchange.)

To post a story to the collection, go to and click the Post to Collection button just under the title. If the story is your assignment, you can tick the box under Associations that says, "Does this fulfil a challenge assignment?" where your assignment(s) should be listed. Otherwise, you can enter the name of your recipient manually in the box underneath that says "Gift this work to: ______" A failsafe way to do this is to copy it from the list of names in the collection profile.

If you are fulfilling your assignment, there are several other ways to post your fic correctly. You can go to the collection, click on "My Assignment" on the left menu, and then click "Fulfil" at the top of that screen. Or you can click to "Fulfil" it through the "My Assignments" area of your personal page on AO3.

Treats and main assignments all go in the same collection. Your main assignment must be 1,000 words or longer. Treats can be any length. You can tag your treats "treat" if you want, or not if you don't want to. If you post a treat for someone, and the original writer defaults, I will check to make sure you're OK with your treat becoming your recipient's main gift.

Another housekeeping point: most exchanges have a default and banning policy, so here's mine. (There was none last year. No one was banned.) You cannot participate in Jukebox 2015 if you have failed to complete both of the following two criteria: posting a fic by the deadline, and commenting on the gift you receive. So if something chaotic happens to you around deadline - but you manage to come back and comment on your gift in the intervening year - then you're welcome to participate again, with no questions asked. If you complete a work but don't comment on what you received - well, I don't think it's very good manners, but I've never seen anyone successfully enforce commenting on gifts, so I'm not going to try either. Hope that's clear. I'll post a more concise version in the FAQ.

I will not grant any extensions. If your assignment is not complete at deadline, it goes to pinch hit. However, you're still welcome to post your work before the collection goes live. If your recipient gets two gifts that way, yay for them.
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I've fixed on a 2014 schedule, as follows:

Nominations open: Thursday 17 April 17:00 EDT / Friday 18 April 09:00 NZST
Nominations close: Friday 25 April 23:59 EDT / Saturday 26 April 16:00 NZST

Sign-ups open: Sunday 27 April 17:00 EDT / Monday 28 April 09:00 NZST
Sign-ups close: Sunday 4 May 23:59 EDT / Monday 5 May 16:00 NZST

Assignments will go out by: Monday 5 May 17:00 EDT / Tuesday 6 May 09:00 NZST

Assignments are due: Monday 16 June 23:59 EDT / Tuesday 17 June 16:00 NZST

Stories will be revealed: Friday 20 June 17:00 EDT / Saturday 21 June 09:00 NZST

Authors will be revealed: Wednesday 25 June 17:00 EDT / Thursday 26 June 09:00 NZST

Thanks to [personal profile] seekingferret for proofreading those; any remaining errors are mine.

I have also updated the FAQ, below the cut. The main changes from the 2013 FAQ are as follows:

-You have 5, not 8 nominations
-Betas will volunteer in comments to a post, and writers will contact them directly rather than going through me
-Programmatic music (aka instrumental but with clear narrative) is OK but you have to request at least 1 song with lyrics
-Art will be next year if there's enough interest (you can do art treats though, if the requester wants them)

Full updated FAQ )

So... see you in April!
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I posted here (DW) and here (LJ) to ask for feedback on the dates for Jukebox 2014 and whether art should be included. Thank you for your contributions - more are welcome there. I'll post my decision on dates and art at the end of this week (approx Jan 12), and that should be the last post I make until the exchange runs. The votes currently favour schedule 2.

Two issues came up in the comments, and I'd like to invite further feedback on those.

One: Some of you mentioned that you prefer not to have anon periods where the stories but not the authors are revealed. A few others chimed in to say you do like anon periods. I personally like them, but since as the moderator I know who wrote what, I realise that's moot. My current plan is to have an anon period this year, but make it much shorter than it was last year - probably 5 days. Let me know if that's a useful compromise.

Two: I floated the idea of art fills - and a couple of people raised the point that I need to define what is meant by acceptable art. Um. As I think you can tell from the design of the comms - ^!^ - I do not have artistic skill myself. Checking f_fa's archives and some other exchanges' guidelines suggests the following:

Art must be:
-a single piece between 500 and 2000 pixels in either dimension or a set of 3+ smaller pieces

Media could include
-images physically drawn & scanned
-images created with graphic programs

Art would be posted by finding a place to host the final product and embedding your fill in a work posted to AO3, since AO3 does not host art itself.

I want to also say that manipulated images are acceptable, but I have no idea how to define "you have to know what you're doing and be able to use pretty layering things and have a cool idea you want to convey" vs. "No heads pasted on and weird collages." (collages have their place! But I'm not sure people agree that they're reliably equal to a 1,000-word story.)

If anyone could point me in the direction of a more detailed set of guidelines, I'd be grateful.

However, as I post this, 1 person has said they'd give art (but only as treats), and 6 people have said they'd request art (but with caveats), so I suspect we will not try art this year.

Again, thank you for your feedback.
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Hello all,

I plan to run Jukebox again in 2014. I don't, however, want to run it so late in the year. I have mocked up two possible schedules. I'm trying to avoid clashing with Rarewomen, Shipswap, Not Prime Time, the Exchange at Fic Corner, Rare Pair Fest, and Purimgifts, which are the multi-fandom exchanges that I'm most aware of.

If you are interested in taking part in Jukebox, please comment to let me know how these draft schedules work for you.

Schedule 1
February-March-April (writing between mid March and late April)

Nominations: Sun 23 February - Sun 2 March inclusive
Signups: Wednesday 5 March to Wednesday 12 March inclusive
Assignments out by: Friday 14 March
Assignments due: Thursday 24 April
Stories revealed: Sunday 27 April
Authors revealed: Sunday 4 May

Schedule 2
April-May-June (writing between early May and mid June)

Nominations: Sun 20 April to Sun 27 April inclusive
Signups: Wednesday 30 April to Wednesday 7 May inclusive
Assignments out by: Friday 9 May
Assignments due: Thursday 19 June
Stories revealed: Sunday 22 June
Authors revealed: Sunday 29 June

Which of the proposed schedules would make it more convenient for you to participate in Jukebox this year? (Please reply to this post to answer...)
-Schedule 1 (Feb-Mar-Apr)
-Schedule 2 (Apr-May-June)
-One of the above - but only if you change it in ______ way

Further: In 2013, only fanfiction was included in the exchange. I'm also curious to know if people might want to offer or request art. (If not many people comment to show interest in art options, the exchange will stay fic-only.)

Which categories of media would you be interested in giving and requesting for this exchange? (Please indicate all that apply when you comment)
-I would request fic
-I would offer fic
-I would request art
-I would offer art

Please feel free to add any further thoughts in the comments. Your mod offers her apologies for being a cheapskate who a) doesn't want to pay Dreamwidth so that she can make a poll with ticky options and b) doesn't want to have a poll on LJ but not on DW.
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At that time I will send any outstanding assignments to the pinch hit list.

Good luck if you're still working, and thank you to those who have submitted their stories.

You will be able to upload treats to the collection between deadline and reveals. (You can even upload treats now. Go for it! ^!^)
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There are just over three weeks remaining to complete your Jukebox assignment - here's the countdown. Congratulations to those who have already completed a fic, and good luck to everyone who's still writing.

Thank you to the pinch hitters and beta readers who have volunteered so far. More are welcome.

Because we are at the halfway point, I have made all requests visible. If you would like to create a treat for someone's prompt, please do! Treats are posted to the same collection.

So, how's everyone going? (Excellently, I hope. However, if something has come up, there is no default penalty.)
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Just two more posts and then I shall cease to spam the comm for some time.

To fulfil the challenge, your story should be completed and submitted by midnight of Monday 23 September if you are in New York, or 16:00 of Tuesday 24 September if you are in New Zealand, or at the point that this countdown turns to zero. I realise a couple of the dates I put down in earlier posts were wonky. Sorry. I'll make sure someone proofreads my dates in future.

I wanted to give everyone the maximum possible writing time for this challenge, before Yuletide is likely to kick in. But because of that, the 23rd of September is a really hard deadline: I'm hoping to reveal stories just two days later. Two days after that, I'm out of all cellphone/internet access for a weekend. (And I personally want to have time to comment on stories before I leave. :D) Just please be aware that there is minimal editing time between the deadline and reveal.

Treats are encouraged!

You can submit a fic that isn't your assignment by going to the main collection page and clicking Post to Collection. Make sure you fill in your recipient's name.

If your treat is over 1,000 words, and the original writer for that person defaults, it is possible your story may become your recipient's main gift.

Because of the tight timing at the end of the writing period, I will not be creating a separate 'Madness'-style collection for smaller treats. Just post them to the main collection. You can do this at any time. The main fic you are writing for your recipient must be 1,000 words or more; there is no minimum word count for any other fics you choose to write.

In the middle of the writing period - approximately September 2 - I will reveal all requests in the collection, and at the same time, invite people to check in with me as to their writing progress. It is not mandatory for you to contact me at this point, but I think it's a good idea for you to check how you're going. If a lot of other commitments have come up and you realise you need to default, I'd much rather know that three weeks before the deadline than learn it right at the end. (I know this is not always possible to control!)

And hey, if at that point things are going great and you're feeling confident... all the prompts will be available for your treating needs & desires.

I strongly encourage you to get your stories read by a beta. Even short treats.

You may already have a regular beta, but in case you are in need of one, I propose we arrange things Rarewomen-style, with an email list.

It works a bit like the pinch hit list. When you have a fic you'd like a second eye for, you email me (jukebox.mod) with its length, its recipient, maybe its canon, and any other information you think is relevant. I will then act as go-between and send the details to a list of people who have volunteered for beta-reading, making sure to exclude the recipient. Someone replies, I connect you with a beta-reader, all is good. The advantages here are that a writer doesn't have to carefully check a list of people's squicks and lengths-I-will-edit, and they are able to connect immediately with whoever has free time at that moment.

Potential beta readers can volunteer for the email list in the next post, which will have screened comments (just like the pinch hit list).

Comments are enabled as normal on this post, if you have any critiques or suggestions.
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Several things:

Nominations are closing in 48 hours (23:59 Thursday 1 August EDT).

As well as the list in the previous post, I've created a Google spreadsheet here to organise songs and links. You can sort this spreadsheet by artist, instead of song title, by choosing View -> List and clicking on the column heading. (Note that once you've chosen List view, you can also adjust the number of rows that appear on a page by specifying them in the field at top right.)

Please take a look, investigate new music, check to see if I've got the right video/audio links and lyrics for the music you're already familiar with, and so forth. If the links or lyrics weren't provided to me, often I've grabbed them from google, quickly and sloppily - there might be better versions I should include. Let me know. The more complete my list is, the faster I can open signups at the end of the nomination process.

I'd like your feedback about usability, too. Is the current list + the google spreadsheet useful for you? Is there another format that might be better? I'm also thinking of embedding the final table of songs and links in the DW and LJ posts - it'll certainly load faster that way. (I'm not sure how good it'll look in mobile view.) Also, aesthetics aren't my strong point, so if you find either the DW or the LJ comm painful to the eye, please speak up.


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