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Your assignments are due at 11:59pm, EDT, on Saturday 28 May.
See what time that is in your time zone
Countdown to deadline

I hope that writing/drawing/recording is going well.

More useful links:

Beta post on Dreamwidth
Beta post on LiveJournal
All requests in a .rtf file
Letters on Dreamwidth
Letters on LiveJournal
Giant table of canons with videos and lyrics
Measured_Words' playlist of requested songs (as available)
Profile page of Jukebox 2016 AO3 collection
Link to post a work to Jukebox 2016*
*This works both for assignments and treats. If you are posting your assignment, look for the question on the form, under Associations, that says "Does this fulfil a challenge assignment?" and enter a tick for the appropriate assignment. If you have previously posted an AO3 assignment and are familiar with the procedure, use the method you prefer! You can continue to edit your work at any time after posting it.

There may be an issue with new fandoms being wrangled so that they appear on the fandoms page of the collection while works are still unrevealed and/or anonymous. I'm looking into it and will let you know what I know.


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