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All works at the collection now show their creator's names. You are welcome to widely promote what you wrote or drew.

Thank you so much to everyone for participating! This exchange is a joy to me every year. In particular, thank you to the pinch hitters: [ profile] AlexSeanchai, [ profile] Deifire, [ profile] karrenia_rune, [ profile] mtgat, [ profile] LadyBrooke, [ profile] goosecathedral, [ profile] weakinteraction, [ profile] Supertights, [ profile] Measured_Words, [ profile] ExtraPenguin, and [ profile] higuchi.

Feedback is welcome! How'd the timing work (length of creation time, length of anon period, point in the week that deadline & reveals were)? Anything else you'd like to comment on? If there are songs you'd like to nominate in future, maybe mention them here so that future!you has a note to come back to...

All else equal, I expect to run Jukebox in 2018 at around the same time - nominations in March, reveals early June.

I've not even checked out half the collection, so expect more comments from me in the coming weeks/months.

The collection is set to moderated if you want to squeeze in a late treat for anyone.

Final note: If you defaulted, and you did not comment on the gift(s) you received, you may not take part in future. (One of those conditions is fixable.) This penalty does not apply to people who defaulted and then didn't get any gifts - you are in the clear.
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Authors are now visible for all stories. Here's the collection again:

Thank you again for participating. I had a great time. I'm still reading through the collection.

I plan to run this challenge again, so I'd appreciate feedback, on what worked for you and didn't. (Anonymous comments are still enabled.)

Here are a couple of things I think I might change:

  • The dates. This has run up closer to Yuletide than I was anticipating. I was also participating in hhertzof's Exchange at Fic Corner challenge, which hhertzof says she will run again next year in July-August-September. Because of this, I'm thinking of shifting Jukebox 2014 to February-March-April (ensuring the writing time doesn't overlap too much with Purimgifts) or April-May-June (though that overlaps a bit with Not Prime Time).

  • The beta reading mailing list. I'm not sure that quite worked (thoughts, anyone?). Especially, it seems a bit silly for me to be playing relay like that when I'm in such a different time zone to most other people - I suspect it decreased, rather than increasing, efficiency. (I don't think this was a problem for pinch hitting, though, since I could decide when to send emails out.)

  • What fanworks are included. Currently, I don't have a strong idea about how to include podcasts or fanvids - or whether these make sense to include. But I am interested in fanart. So, question: would other people be interested in either offering or requesting art fills for song prompts?

  • The definition of a song. There are many discrete pieces of music without lyrics where the creators, performers, and audience can agree on the shape of the story being told. (Programmatic music being one branch of this.) Would you be interested in offering or requesting music of this type? And if you are, could you help me come up with an appropriate definition?

  • Other things I'd love to get discussion on: was writing for a song outside your comfort zone, or not? Did the song you wrote for remind you of other particular songs? (I ended up buying three songs in iTunes based on other people's nominations.) Are there un-filled prompts that you especially wish had been written as well?


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