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Youtube playlist
By order of sign-up summary. All 288 videos at this link or see (abridged) below.

Bonus tracks
Songs that are not on Youtube include:

The Damp Foggy Midnight - Guante and Big Cats (Song) | Bandcamp | Lyrics

Earthquake Weather - Seanan McGuire (Song) | CD Baby | Lyrics

If it Bleeds It Leads - Guante and Big Cats (Song) | Bandcamp | Lyrics

Keep Your Heart - TV on the Radio (Music Video) | Vimeo | Lyrics

Life’s Flame - Heather Alexander (Song) | Bandcamp (with lyrics)

Mary Mary - SJ Tucker (Song) | Artist's site (with lyrics)

Mother of the Crows - Seanan McGuire (Song) | CD Baby | Lyrics

Nijikan Dake no Vacance - Utada Hikaru feat. Shiina Ringo (Music Video) | Vimeo | Lyrics

Red States - Guante and Big Cats (Song) | Bandcamp | Lyrics

These and More than These - Jason Webley (Song) | Tumblr | Lyrics

This Is the Opposite of a Suicide Note - Guante (Song) | Bandcamp | Lyrics

Tomb of the King - Damh the Bard (Song) | Pagan Music UK (with lyrics)

Wild Maiden - Kellianna (Song) | Bandcamp (with lyrics)

These are drawn from the tables of all nominated songs, with some adjustments. Only songs with requests are included. If you have any further additions or corrections to make to those tables, please comment to the tables post and I'll do another correction sweep by the end of the month.

This year's requests are available on AO3.

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Well, it's smaller, anyway!

I went through my original playlist with the Signup Summary and moved all the songs that have been actually *requested* into a new (much shorter!) playlist:

Or direct link here:

It is in the same order as the signup summary, and has all the same caveats as the original list (based on what is available in Canada, only contains things available on youtube, etc).

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There are four weeks (and a few hours) remaining before the challenge deadline.

It's a nice tidy number, so I have made all requests visible.

Enjoy your writing! We could also use a few more beta reader volunteers - please see earlier post in either comm.


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