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Hope you're enjoying your assignment. Barring any pinch hits, this should be the last post from me for a little while.

Volunteer to be a Beta

If you can offer feedback on fic, art, or podfic at the draft stage, please comment here or on LJ. The following information is necessary:
  • What media you can give feedback on

  • Your AO3 name, if it's different from the name you're using to comment with, and you've signed up to this year's exchange

  • How to contact you.

Additionally, the following information may be useful:
  • Any content you will not beta, or warnings you would like before opening a file

  • Things you're particularly interested in (themes, tropes, gender configurations for romance/sex)

  • When you are or aren't available

  • Your preferred file formats.

If you can check spelling or tell someone what confused you or what you liked about a story or piece of art, or if you can give technical suggestions to improve an artwork or a podfic, please consider volunteering! Betas are awesome. Thank you.

It is not mandatory to get your work beta-checked. It is merely very much encouraged. If you're having trouble finding a beta, please talk to me, Morbane, and I'll try to help.

Please don't post openly about what you're creating & who for - but it is fine to discuss this privately with your beta.
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Youtube playlist
By order of sign-up summary. All 288 videos at this link or see (abridged) below.

Bonus tracks
Songs that are not on Youtube include:

The Damp Foggy Midnight - Guante and Big Cats (Song) | Bandcamp | Lyrics

Earthquake Weather - Seanan McGuire (Song) | CD Baby | Lyrics

If it Bleeds It Leads - Guante and Big Cats (Song) | Bandcamp | Lyrics

Keep Your Heart - TV on the Radio (Music Video) | Vimeo | Lyrics

Life’s Flame - Heather Alexander (Song) | Bandcamp (with lyrics)

Mary Mary - SJ Tucker (Song) | Artist's site (with lyrics)

Mother of the Crows - Seanan McGuire (Song) | CD Baby | Lyrics

Nijikan Dake no Vacance - Utada Hikaru feat. Shiina Ringo (Music Video) | Vimeo | Lyrics

Red States - Guante and Big Cats (Song) | Bandcamp | Lyrics

These and More than These - Jason Webley (Song) | Tumblr | Lyrics

This Is the Opposite of a Suicide Note - Guante (Song) | Bandcamp | Lyrics

Tomb of the King - Damh the Bard (Song) | Pagan Music UK (with lyrics)

Wild Maiden - Kellianna (Song) | Bandcamp (with lyrics)

These are drawn from the tables of all nominated songs, with some adjustments. Only songs with requests are included. If you have any further additions or corrections to make to those tables, please comment to the tables post and I'll do another correction sweep by the end of the month.

This year's requests are available on AO3.

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These pinch hits are due at the regular deadline of 23:59PM EDT on 27 May.

To claim a pinch hit, please provide your AO3 name, either in a reply to this post, in a reply to the equivalent LiveJournal post, or in an email to Comments are screened. If the pinch hit is yours, I will reply to your comment and you will see the assignment appear on AO3. If the pinch hit appears as claimed but it does not show up on your AO3 account, you did not get the pinch hit.

Pinch Hit #1 - Art, Fic - CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit #2 - Fic - CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit #3 - Fic, Podfic - CLAIMED )

Thank you to all volunteers.
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You should now be able to access your assignment from your Archive of Our Own account. Thanks to CJ for sorting out the assignment interface problem with a handy tip.

I will post initial pinch hits tomorrow my time. Also upcoming: beta posts, and a playlist of all requested songs.

Assignments are due at midnight EDT between the 27th and 28th of May (Sat/Sun), or 4am UTC 28th May, or 4pm NZST 28th May. If your assignment does not seem to match what you offered, please email as soon as possible, and I'll look into it. Otherwise, please submit a work to match one of your recipient's songs in a medium they requested for that song, taking note of their Do-Not-Wants, before the deadline.

Have fun!
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I have re-opened sign-ups while the technical difficulty is ongoing. See end of post for ETA!

Anyone is welcome to sign up or to adjust their sign-up. However, I strongly suggest that while you're editing a sign up, you save anything you've written frequently (for example, in a text document), and check the comm frequently - I will give notice when I close sign-ups again, but it may not be very much notice.

If you have any questions or problems, let me know at

Thanks for your patience.

ETA: Sign-ups will close at midnight-thirty Eastern time, or 4:30am UTC, or at the next :30 from now. If you are making changes, please save and submit them before then, or contact me! Thanks.
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I'm having a small technical difficulty that is preventing me from sending assignments, and have contacted Support. I don't yet know if this will delay assignments.

Good news: everyone has a potential recipient.

It is possible that there will be a further, brief window for sign-ups or for adjusting offers/requests, but I cannot promise one.
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You can sign up, or edit your sign-up, for one remaining hour at the collection.
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Sign-ups for Jukebox 2017 are open for two more days and close at 11:59pm EDT, Wed 5 April | the end of this countdown. When sign-ups close, you will not be able to edit your requests or offers, or add a letter link.

If you're still tossing up your offers, consider going to the tables of all songs and listening to, or reading the lyrics of, a couple of pieces of music whose names catch your eye. You can see on the sign-up summary if anyone's asking for them yet.
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A note: since I've had 3 similar conversations on this topic recently, it seems like a general post would be useful.

When writing your requests, please treat each piece of music as its own fandom.

What does that mean?

The FAQ currently says:

...The piece of music must be able to stand on its own without reference to a longer work. You can nominate songs from musicals or operettas or other media – but if it would be necessary to understand the whole musical, or the whole operetta, etc, in order to appreciate the piece, then that piece of music is not appropriate for this exchange.

Songs should be considered separately from their artists. Prompts should include musician RPF only if the song or music video can be considered to have an autobiographical or self-referential element. People who appear in music videos are generally to be treated as characters, not as their real-life or RPF selves...


Songs and music videos are the only canons you can nominate or request in this exchange. Just as a song can include a whole world, participants are encouraged to focus on those worlds.

So: please don't ask for works in other fandoms that use the song video or lyrics in some way. If a piece of music from a larger work (opera, movie, concept album with an official story behind it) has been nominated, please don't ask your creator to create a work that requires understanding of the larger specific work - you are pretending that the nominated piece stands on its own.

If you ask for another fandom or for a larger fandom, you are essentially asking your writer to produce a crossover. In general exchange etiquette, those are the VERY optional kind of optional details. Here, they contradict a goal of the exchange: ideally, when works are revealed, anyone should be able to see and appreciate a work with no more background knowledge than the requested song.

I am making this post not because people are wilfully breaking rules, but because the existing rules are perhaps providing insufficient guidance.
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Letters are optional. Whether or not you write one is up to you.

If you're writing a letter to potential authors/artists/podfic artists, you can link it here or at the equivalent post on LJ. You can also put your whole letter in a comment if you don't have a journal or similar to host it on. Wherever you put it, please include the link in your sign-up on AO3.

If writing a letter, please make sure it's complete and unlocked by 11 April.

If you're wondering what to put in your letter, try browsing through the 'dear creator' or 'dear writer' tags on DW/LJ, and use the letters you like as a model for your own. I suggest you include the following information at a minimum:
-your AO3 name
-the songs you're requesting
-the medium or media you're requesting for each song
-the prompts and DNWs you entered into your sign-up.

You may wish to use your letter to expand on your sign-up prompts, or just include lists of tropes you like or dislike.

Here's a possible template for linking your letter here. Use it if you find it convenient:

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Here is the sign-up form. Welcome to this year's challenge! Sign-ups will close at 11:59PM EDT 5 April (see what time that is for you).

Please skim the rules and schedule before signing up. The rules are a little different every year.

You can request 3-10 canons, and offer 4-10 canons. If a canon doesn't appear in the drop-down menu when you go to enter it, you can copy and paste it from the tag set and press enter.

Each of your requests and offers must be tagged with 1-3 of the labels "Fanfic", "Podfic", and "Fanart".

If you are offering podfic, you are pledging to create both text and recording (500-5000 words). You are welcome to team up with a friend to create a work, whether you're the recording artist or the writer, but if that's what you intend, please contact me at to let me know of the arrangement and to provide a contact email for your friend.

Your requests have a space for optional details. Go ahead and use them to talk about how you understand the song and what kind of art/fic/podfic you might like. However, your gift creator doesn't have to follow your prompts. They do have to respect clear and specific Do-Not-Wants listed in the sign-up (like "no pregnancy" "no scat" "no rainbows").

Your requests have a space for a letter link, if you want to provide one. You must include the link before sign-ups are closed. A letter is NOT required for this exchange, but it is a traditional way of telling your creator in detail about your preferences / advertising the exchange. I will put up letter posts shortly. If you are writing a letter, please have it complete and unlocked by the end of 11 April.

Requests are not visible now. I will make all requests visible on AO3 when the assignments go out.

Corrections are still welcome to the tables of sources for all canons.

If you have any trouble signing up, I would like to know & help - contact me at
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See below the cut for all music sources. Thank you very much to everyone for following the nominations format carefully or for submitting links; I wasn't sure I'd be able to get these tables to you by (my) bedtime tonight, but I'm really pleased that I could, thanks to you.

The first table, ordered by song title, is alphabetised as carefully as I can manage. The second table, ordered by artist name, uses quick-and-dirty spreadsheet sorting alphabetization.

Please comment to let me know of any errors or to help me fill gaps in the tables. After at least 24 hours for perusal and corrections, I will open sign-ups.

Music ordered by name of song/video/piece )

Music ordered by name of artist )
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See nominations instructions on DW or on LJ.

Here is a countdown to the close of the nomination period.

Please contact me at, or comment in one of the communities, if you have any problems.

ETA: Nominations are now closed.
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If you would like to encourage other people to participate in Jukebox this year, here are some handy things:

-A Tumblr ad to reblog

-An image with link, copy as follows to advertise in a post of your own:

It will display as:

Poster for the Jukebox exchange, including a picture of a jukebox and URLs for the challenge. Links to AO3 collection

Image and ad created & hosted by [personal profile] benedict - thank you!
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I will update this post as nominations continue.

None at present!

Nominations so far
It's on AO3, of course, but I find the AO3 wall-o-text really hard to read, so the list is under the cut in song title order.
List of things that have been nominated or sponsored )


Brainstorming post on LJ | on DW

This post on LJ.
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Nominations are open!

Tagset for nominations is here

Nominations will close at the end of 25 March EDT.

Please glance over the guide below before you nominate, and then come back to this post or its LiveJournal equivalent to comment. And if you're still thinking about it, try the brainstorming posts on LJ and on DW.

Nominating )

This post on LJ
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Hello! I am so excited to start Jukebox up again for this year. I can't believe it's the fifth year already.

Journal style changes

You may notice that both this community and the LiveJournal community look a little different. With a bit of help, I re-jigged the theme and colours and added link lists. My hope is that the new design is a) more legible and useful, b) more consistent across the two communities, and c) a little prettier (though that is a very distant third). I'm happy to take further feedback; otherwise, if you add ?style=mine to the end of a URL in this comm, it'll show you the page in your own journal style. Maybe there'll be a sticky post with a nice picture later.

Currently, the links list includes the collection, the tag set, and the schedule; later I'll add other things like the canons, the letters post, and the beta post. Suggestions welcome. What makes the community easy to use for you?

Rule changes

Small changes for this year include:
Art minimum
I tweaked this to remove the pixel requirements, which didn't really work last year, and specify that if you are submitting graphics, at least 3 separate pieces are required; otherwise, please just ensure that the work is checked for obvious problems (don't draw on lined paper, make sure you have a reliable scanner or camera, check resolution, etc) and is complete. EDIT: Now changed to: collages, manips, and similar graphics may be given as treats to people who are open to them, but may not be used to fulfil an assignment.

Nominations limit
Last year I allowed 8 nominations; I'd prefer to make it 7 this year. That is solely because it seems to take around the same number of total hours for me to put together the link tables as there are nominations per participant. Weird, I know, but it's consistent. I can commit to 7 hours in one day to put the tables together, but 8 was stretching it and I don't want to delay sign-ups. If this is a large disappointment to y'all, I'll reconsider.

Requests limit
Last year you could request 3-8 pieces of music. It occurs to me that 8 is a bit arbitrary since AO3 goes up to 10 easily. Does anyone want me to change the possible request maximum to 10? The minimum will not change.

Pinch hits
Are you all happy with me continuing to post them to the community?

Any other feedback is welcome.


Since nominations will open on Friday (approximately), please use this post and its Dreamwidth equivalent to share what you're thinking of nominating! This is an optional part of the exchange and so is nominating, but it's a good way to get ideas, see if other people are excited about your music choices - or at the very least, bring your favourite music to other people's attention.

This post on LJ
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Hello all!

Jukebox 2017 isn't for a while yet, but in the interests of being organized, I thought I'd let you know when I'm thinking of running it. If you're interested in taking part, do you have a preference for one or the other of the scheduling options below? Assume roughly New York time.

Option 1:
Brainstorming post: up by Mon 20 March
Nominations: 24 March to 1 April (Fri-Sat)
Sign-ups: 4-12 April (Tues-Wed)
Assignments out by: Fri 14 April

Option 2:
Brainstorming post: up by Mon 13 March
Nominations: 17-25 March (Fri-Sat)
Sign-ups: 28 March to 5 April (Tues-Wed)
Assignments out by: Fri 7 April

Both options:
Fics due: Sat 27 May
Works go live: Fri 2 June
Creators are revealed: Wed 7 June
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The creator names have been revealed on Jukebox 2016 works.

Thank you very much to everyone for taking part! Thank you particularly to hhertzof, Measured_Words, and Nary, for tag wrangling, to lalalalalawhy, Measured_Words, merryghoul, Missy, Sumi, thedevilchicken, and Zdenka, for pinch hitting, and to lanalucy and within_a_dream for offering to beta read.

There was a short anon period this year; works have really only been available for a brief time. Although the year's challenge is over, I know I haven't seen everything that interests me yet, and I hope others will continue to view and/or comment along with me.

More thoughts on rules and organisation - feedback welcome! )

Remember this post is also on LJ.

ETA: I will probably have 6 or 7 nominations per person next year instead of 8 - I think people enjoyed 8, but it's more work for me and matching was not as close as in previous years. I will also probably start the exchange sliiiightly earlier, offline commitments permitting, as Easter is much later in 2017 so I won't be planning around it.
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Behold: the collection!

For handy reference:
Playlist of canons for which there are works
Table of canons, with links to videos and lyrics

Congratulations to everyone who submitted (a) work(s)! Let's enjoy them! Please comment on your gift and in general.

I am leaving the collection open until author reveals, four days from now (Wednesday 8 June, 5:59pm EDT). If you wish to add anything else, you can do so until then.

ETA: Most fandoms are showing up on the fandoms page, but for now, there are two missing.
You can click below for fanworks for:
Diamonds - Rihanna (Music Video)
Running Through the Garden - Fleetwood Mac (Song)


Jukebox Fanworks Exchange

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