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Since you have had your assignment for a week, it is faintly possible a post about posting to the collection is relevant. (I meant to write this post earlier, but got distracted by another exchange.)

To post a story to the collection, go to and click the Post to Collection button just under the title. If the story is your assignment, you can tick the box under Associations that says, "Does this fulfil a challenge assignment?" where your assignment(s) should be listed. Otherwise, you can enter the name of your recipient manually in the box underneath that says "Gift this work to: ______" A failsafe way to do this is to copy it from the list of names in the collection profile.

If you are fulfilling your assignment, there are several other ways to post your fic correctly. You can go to the collection, click on "My Assignment" on the left menu, and then click "Fulfil" at the top of that screen. Or you can click to "Fulfil" it through the "My Assignments" area of your personal page on AO3.

Treats and main assignments all go in the same collection. Your main assignment must be 1,000 words or longer. Treats can be any length. You can tag your treats "treat" if you want, or not if you don't want to. If you post a treat for someone, and the original writer defaults, I will check to make sure you're OK with your treat becoming your recipient's main gift.

Another housekeeping point: most exchanges have a default and banning policy, so here's mine. (There was none last year. No one was banned.) You cannot participate in Jukebox 2015 if you have failed to complete both of the following two criteria: posting a fic by the deadline, and commenting on the gift you receive. So if something chaotic happens to you around deadline - but you manage to come back and comment on your gift in the intervening year - then you're welcome to participate again, with no questions asked. If you complete a work but don't comment on what you received - well, I don't think it's very good manners, but I've never seen anyone successfully enforce commenting on gifts, so I'm not going to try either. Hope that's clear. I'll post a more concise version in the FAQ.

I will not grant any extensions. If your assignment is not complete at deadline, it goes to pinch hit. However, you're still welcome to post your work before the collection goes live. If your recipient gets two gifts that way, yay for them.


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