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I'm still looking for a writer for Quillori. ETA - now taken care of. Thanks!

Treats of any length are also welcome in the collection. See the full list of requests on AO3.

If you see a hit on your story, it's probably because I've checked to make sure the song you've written for has shown up in the fandoms list - there were a few missing last year, and I know of at least one missing fandom this year. However, Support got on to it promptly last year, so I am hopeful that the fandoms will all appear correctly by the story reveal time (which is Friday 20 June 17:00 EDT, or Saturday 21 June 09:00 NZST).
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Just two more posts and then I shall cease to spam the comm for some time.

To fulfil the challenge, your story should be completed and submitted by midnight of Monday 23 September if you are in New York, or 16:00 of Tuesday 24 September if you are in New Zealand, or at the point that this countdown turns to zero. I realise a couple of the dates I put down in earlier posts were wonky. Sorry. I'll make sure someone proofreads my dates in future.

I wanted to give everyone the maximum possible writing time for this challenge, before Yuletide is likely to kick in. But because of that, the 23rd of September is a really hard deadline: I'm hoping to reveal stories just two days later. Two days after that, I'm out of all cellphone/internet access for a weekend. (And I personally want to have time to comment on stories before I leave. :D) Just please be aware that there is minimal editing time between the deadline and reveal.

Treats are encouraged!

You can submit a fic that isn't your assignment by going to the main collection page and clicking Post to Collection. Make sure you fill in your recipient's name.

If your treat is over 1,000 words, and the original writer for that person defaults, it is possible your story may become your recipient's main gift.

Because of the tight timing at the end of the writing period, I will not be creating a separate 'Madness'-style collection for smaller treats. Just post them to the main collection. You can do this at any time. The main fic you are writing for your recipient must be 1,000 words or more; there is no minimum word count for any other fics you choose to write.

In the middle of the writing period - approximately September 2 - I will reveal all requests in the collection, and at the same time, invite people to check in with me as to their writing progress. It is not mandatory for you to contact me at this point, but I think it's a good idea for you to check how you're going. If a lot of other commitments have come up and you realise you need to default, I'd much rather know that three weeks before the deadline than learn it right at the end. (I know this is not always possible to control!)

And hey, if at that point things are going great and you're feeling confident... all the prompts will be available for your treating needs & desires.

I strongly encourage you to get your stories read by a beta. Even short treats.

You may already have a regular beta, but in case you are in need of one, I propose we arrange things Rarewomen-style, with an email list.

It works a bit like the pinch hit list. When you have a fic you'd like a second eye for, you email me (jukebox.mod) with its length, its recipient, maybe its canon, and any other information you think is relevant. I will then act as go-between and send the details to a list of people who have volunteered for beta-reading, making sure to exclude the recipient. Someone replies, I connect you with a beta-reader, all is good. The advantages here are that a writer doesn't have to carefully check a list of people's squicks and lengths-I-will-edit, and they are able to connect immediately with whoever has free time at that moment.

Potential beta readers can volunteer for the email list in the next post, which will have screened comments (just like the pinch hit list).

Comments are enabled as normal on this post, if you have any critiques or suggestions.


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