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Hello all!

Jukebox 2017 isn't for a while yet, but in the interests of being organized, I thought I'd let you know when I'm thinking of running it. If you're interested in taking part, do you have a preference for one or the other of the scheduling options below? Assume roughly New York time.

Option 1:
Brainstorming post: up by Mon 20 March
Nominations: 24 March to 1 April (Fri-Sat)
Sign-ups: 4-12 April (Tues-Wed)
Assignments out by: Fri 14 April

Option 2:
Brainstorming post: up by Mon 13 March
Nominations: 17-25 March (Fri-Sat)
Sign-ups: 28 March to 5 April (Tues-Wed)
Assignments out by: Fri 7 April

Both options:
Fics due: Sat 27 May
Works go live: Fri 2 June
Creators are revealed: Wed 7 June
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Please post your fics to the collection before 11:59pm EDT on Saturday 28 May.

See time in your timezone
Countdown to deadline

If you don't think you can complete your work, please default (you can press Default next to your assignment on AO3) and I will ask pinch hitters to cover the assignment you are relinquishing. People default for many reasons; you don't need to let me know yours. I am concerned only with where pinch hits are needed.

However, I hope that applies to very few people, and that most participants are either done, nearly done, or convinced they will be very soon be nearly done. ^!^ (I am in the latter category.)

Please contact me at if you have problems submitting your work or if you have any other questions.
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Your assignments are due at 11:59pm, EDT, on Saturday 28 May.
See what time that is in your time zone
Countdown to deadline

I hope that writing/drawing/recording is going well.

More useful links:

Beta post on Dreamwidth
Beta post on LiveJournal
All requests in a .rtf file
Letters on Dreamwidth
Letters on LiveJournal
Giant table of canons with videos and lyrics
Measured_Words' playlist of requested songs (as available)
Profile page of Jukebox 2016 AO3 collection
Link to post a work to Jukebox 2016*
*This works both for assignments and treats. If you are posting your assignment, look for the question on the form, under Associations, that says "Does this fulfil a challenge assignment?" and enter a tick for the appropriate assignment. If you have previously posted an AO3 assignment and are familiar with the procedure, use the method you prefer! You can continue to edit your work at any time after posting it.

There may be an issue with new fandoms being wrangled so that they appear on the fandoms page of the collection while works are still unrevealed and/or anonymous. I'm looking into it and will let you know what I know.
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Hello! It is not quite Jukebox time again, but nearly!

This is what I'm thinking for Jukebox's 2016 schedule.

Brainstorming post: before 15 March
Nominations: 18-26 March
Sign-ups: 28 March to 6 April
Assignments due: Sat 28 May
Works go live: Sat 4 June
Creators are revealed: Wed 8 June

Unless people point out significant problems with these dates, I don't plan to adjust any of them by more than a day in the final schedule. (For example, I may make go-live 3 June rather than 4 June.) These dates are mostly geared to my public holiday schedule, allowing me to put together the table of songs over Easter weekend, and to read works over Queen's Birthday Weekend. I realise that some periods of participant activity overlap religious dates - please let me know if you think that the overlap isn't workable.

Structure of requests & types of media
Art and podfic seemed to go pretty well last year, and did not cause any additional difficulty for pinch hits. Because of this, I am inclined to relax the rules about media in your offers and requests. You can request or offer whatever combination you want. If you want to request only podfic, you can. If you want to request only art, you can. I suspect that many participants willl want to continue asking for & offering fic only. That's fine too.

I don't plan to include vids.

More about podfic
My rules for podfic were complicated last year. Hagar_972, in particular, persuaded me that instead of my previous system, which went:

-Sign up offering (or requesting) "No Fandom"
-Create (or request) a podfic out of the existing pool of song-based fic with appropriate permissions, possibly to a theme suggested by the recipient

it would make more sense for a podfic gift to consist of 1 new story, in both written and podficced form, so that you would request and offer it as follows:

-Sign up offering songs or music videos from the tag set, and the freeform tag "podfic"
-Create (either by yourself or as part of a team) a story for that song or music video, with a minimum of 500 words, both written and recorded. (The minimum length for a fic-only gift would still be 1,000 words.)
-A writing/podficcing team counts as one participant, in the sense that such a team would receive one gift, not one per person.

Would you all prefer that? AND, if we switched to that, for podfic, should I keep the no-fandom version from last year's rules? I'm inclined to ditch it - for matching, anyway; you could still indicate in your prompts/letter that you'd be open to a podfic of an existing story as a gift.

Visibility of requests
More and more exchanges are making requests visible from the moment you sign up. I am tempted to do this for Jukebox - especially since it could be very useful to know which media people are requesting for their songs & music videos. How do people feel about that?

Please let me know any thoughts you have, or just let me know if what I have written isn't clear. You don't have to have participated before to have a say - though of course I'm very glad to hear from previous participants.
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Thanks, everyone! Especial thanks to the pinch hitters, and to Measured_Words for making sure all the fandoms got wrangled. (If there's something missing, send me an email and we'll sort it out.)

Please comment on your gift(s).

Authors/artists/recorders' names will be revealed at:
3:30pm EDT, Wednesday 10 June
7:30pm GMT, Wednesday 10 June
7:30am NZST, Thursday 11 June.
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Everyone has a gift! The collection will open in half an hour, on the hour. Please finish any edits to your work by then.

Here is a playlist of all the songs that were written/drawn/recorded for, that are available on YouTube:

Or, use a direct link to YouTube.

In addition, there are works for:

How Much Salt - Seanan McGuire (Song) - link on artist's site
Fire in the Head - Sharon Knight (Song) - link to artist's bandcamp
September's Rhyme - S. J. Tucker (Song) - link on artist's site

Finally, if you are looking for lyrics to any of the songs, they can be found through the tables posted earlier:

Songs ordered by song title
Songs ordered by artist name
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Hello and happy new year!

Here's what I'm thinking for 2015's Jukebox schedule.

Nominations: Sun 29 March to Sun 5 April inclusive
Sign-ups: Tues 7 April to Thurs 16 April inclusive
Assignments go out: Fri 17 April
Assignments due: Wed 3 June
Collection opens: Sat 6 June
Authors revealed: Wed 10 June

For these dates, I'm thinking in American time zones. I will specify the time zone of deadlines, etc when I finalise the schedule.

I realise that nominations and sign-ups cross Easter and Passover; I believe you should be able to participate if you have commitments during these periods, but let me know if you think this may be a major problem.

Or let me know generally how well this schedule works for you.

My reason for shifting the 2014 schedule back approximately 3 weeks is to avoid conflict with Night on Fic Mountain. In planning this schedule, I also looked, specifically, at the timetables of ShipSwap, Once Upon a Fic, Rarewomen, Purimgifts, Not Ready for Prime Time, and Rare Pair Fest.

PS: thanks to TeaOtter for the icon!
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Whoops - I'm 20 minutes late, but the point is, the Jukebox 2014 collection will open at the time on this widget, or 17:00 EDT on Friday 20th June, or 09:00 NZST on Saturday 21st June.

Thank you to the pinch hitters still working, and to everyone, really.
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The deadline is now in 8 hours. (Except in the case of two people who picked up late pinch hits, that is.)

Or, see the deadline in your timezone and the countdown to the deadline.

Congratulations to those whose stories are in, and good luck to everyone else. ^!^

One week!

Jun. 10th, 2014 03:56 pm
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Our deadline is in, very nearly, 168 hours.

You know the drill:

Countdown to the deadline

The deadline according to your time zone

Link to the collection

Thanks to all past, present & future pinch hitters. We might need a few more - if you think you can pitch in, email jukebox.mod at gmail to be added to the list. ^!^


Jun. 4th, 2014 11:25 am
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You have a little over 13 days (sorry, not such a tidy number this time) before the deadline. At the deadline, I will automatically set to "default" anyone who has not submitted a story, and send their assignment out to pinch hit.

When you signed up, the expectation was that you would write a story and receive a story. If you can, please write your story. But if you can't see yourself finishing - which happens - please default in a timely manner so that a pinch hitter has plenty of time to write the story in your stead. (Thanks in advance, pinch hitters!)

The deadline is midnight at the end of the 16th of June if you are in New York, or 4pm on 17th June in New Zealand.

Here is the countdown to the deadline.

If I've set this up correctly, here is the deadline according to your time zone.

I hope writing is going well. ^!^ For myself, my goal is to finish my first draft before the end of this weekend.
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I've fixed on a 2014 schedule, as follows:

Nominations open: Thursday 17 April 17:00 EDT / Friday 18 April 09:00 NZST
Nominations close: Friday 25 April 23:59 EDT / Saturday 26 April 16:00 NZST

Sign-ups open: Sunday 27 April 17:00 EDT / Monday 28 April 09:00 NZST
Sign-ups close: Sunday 4 May 23:59 EDT / Monday 5 May 16:00 NZST

Assignments will go out by: Monday 5 May 17:00 EDT / Tuesday 6 May 09:00 NZST

Assignments are due: Monday 16 June 23:59 EDT / Tuesday 17 June 16:00 NZST

Stories will be revealed: Friday 20 June 17:00 EDT / Saturday 21 June 09:00 NZST

Authors will be revealed: Wednesday 25 June 17:00 EDT / Thursday 26 June 09:00 NZST

Thanks to [personal profile] seekingferret for proofreading those; any remaining errors are mine.

I have also updated the FAQ, below the cut. The main changes from the 2013 FAQ are as follows:

-You have 5, not 8 nominations
-Betas will volunteer in comments to a post, and writers will contact them directly rather than going through me
-Programmatic music (aka instrumental but with clear narrative) is OK but you have to request at least 1 song with lyrics
-Art will be next year if there's enough interest (you can do art treats though, if the requester wants them)

Full updated FAQ )

So... see you in April!
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This post covers two points: nominations, and a more precise schedule.

How to Nominate )

What to Nominate )

Next, schedule. I'm on New Zealand time (UTC+12), which is often different enough from the time of the people I'm talking to that we're in different days. With that in mind, here is an updated schedule that includes fixed reference points. EDT is New York time.

(Sorry for earlier confusion. I'm not two days in the future. It's been a weird week.)

Nominations open:
Wednesday 24 July 20:00 EDT / Thursday 25 July 12:00 NZST

Nominations close:
Thursday 1 August 23:59 EDT / Friday 2 August 16:00 NZST

(Break for additional checking and wrangling of canons)

Sign-ups open:
Sunday 4 August 17:00 EDT / Monday 5 August 09:00 NZST

Sign-ups close:
Sunday 11 August 23:59 EDT / Monday 12 August 16:00 NZST

Assignments go out by:
Tuesday 13 August 08:00 EDT / Tuesday 13 August 23:59 NZST

Assignments due:
Monday 23 September 23:59 EDT / Tuesday 24 September 16:00 NZST

Collection opens:
Wednesday 25 September 17:00 EDT / Thursday 26 September 09:00 NZST

Authors revealed:
Friday 4 October 17:00 EDT / Sat 5 October 10:00 NZDT

I will be updating the earlier schedule to reflect this.

Finally, I'm also amending the number of permissible requests. It was 3-5 and I'm making it 3-6.
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What's this fest about?
Ask for a song and receive a story.

Jukebox is a challenge festival for fanfic writers. It is based on a theme of songs and music videos, and it uses a gift exchange structure, like Yuletide and many others. When you sign up, you will prompt several possible stories using songs for inspiration, and you will commit to writing a story for a recipient who will be assigned to you.

The goals of this fest are:

  • Write a story (or more, if you feel inclined)

  • Get a story

  • Share and learn about music

  • Read and comment on many creative interpretations of song narratives.

What’s the schedule of the fest?
Brainstorming: 15 to 24 July
Nominations: 24 July to 1 August
Signups: 4 to 11 August
Assignments go out by: 13 August
Assignments due: 23 September (six weeks)
Collection opens: 25 September
Authors revealed: 4 October

Much more below the cut )

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment here (anonymous commenting is enabled) or email the mod.


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