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Several things:

Nominations are closing in 48 hours (23:59 Thursday 1 August EDT).

As well as the list in the previous post, I've created a Google spreadsheet here to organise songs and links. You can sort this spreadsheet by artist, instead of song title, by choosing View -> List and clicking on the column heading. (Note that once you've chosen List view, you can also adjust the number of rows that appear on a page by specifying them in the field at top right.)

Please take a look, investigate new music, check to see if I've got the right video/audio links and lyrics for the music you're already familiar with, and so forth. If the links or lyrics weren't provided to me, often I've grabbed them from google, quickly and sloppily - there might be better versions I should include. Let me know. The more complete my list is, the faster I can open signups at the end of the nomination process.

I'd like your feedback about usability, too. Is the current list + the google spreadsheet useful for you? Is there another format that might be better? I'm also thinking of embedding the final table of songs and links in the DW and LJ posts - it'll certainly load faster that way. (I'm not sure how good it'll look in mobile view.) Also, aesthetics aren't my strong point, so if you find either the DW or the LJ comm painful to the eye, please speak up.


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