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Authors are now revealed in the collection!

Thank you so much to everyone who joined in.

As usual, at this point, my main regret is that I didn't write all of the stories I was planning to write. Although I also meant to read all the stories by now, and I haven't quite done that.

If you have any thoughts on how the challenge is run, or any suggestions for next time, feel free to discuss in the comments here or on LJ. (And anonymous commenting should be enabled.) Did this year's dates work for you? (Next year I think I'll open the collection on Saturday rather than Friday; Friday was trickier for me than I expected.) Did we need more beta-readers? I think we could have used more pinch hitters, but the people who did put their names down - and write stories - were fantastic.
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The collection should be on track to open at the scheduled time.

As a reading aid, here is a playlist of all songs currently in the collection. (I will update this again just before opening the collection.) When going through the collection, why not set the playlist to random, listen to a song, and read the related story?

Two songs - Fire in the Head and I Left the Wolves Behind That Night - are not on YouTube. However, they can be accessed through the table below.

Jukebox Directory )

Note that three songs - No Death by Mirel Wagner, Moon Over Bourbon Street by Sting, and Butterfly by Rajaton - are not appearing in the collection's fandom list, for some reason. However, there are stories for them in the collection, and AO3 Support has been asked to look into this.
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Please let me know (jukebox.mod, at gmail) if you can write something for the following requests.

Pinch Hit #6 - CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit #9 - CLAIMED )

There are no remaining pinch hits.
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Whoops - I'm 20 minutes late, but the point is, the Jukebox 2014 collection will open at the time on this widget, or 17:00 EDT on Friday 20th June, or 09:00 NZST on Saturday 21st June.

Thank you to the pinch hitters still working, and to everyone, really.
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I'm still looking for a writer for Quillori. ETA - now taken care of. Thanks!

Treats of any length are also welcome in the collection. See the full list of requests on AO3.

If you see a hit on your story, it's probably because I've checked to make sure the song you've written for has shown up in the fandoms list - there were a few missing last year, and I know of at least one missing fandom this year. However, Support got on to it promptly last year, so I am hopeful that the fandoms will all appear correctly by the story reveal time (which is Friday 20 June 17:00 EDT, or Saturday 21 June 09:00 NZST).
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Thanks to everyone who's written one of the 36 stories in the collection. Feel free to write more! Remember, stories will go live on Friday 20 Jun 2014 05:00PM EDT (Saturday 21 June 09:00AM NZST).

I have a couple of pinch hits to send out shortly; if you're on the pinch hit email list, thank you, and please keep an eye out. I may end up posting them to LJ and DW as well.

If you have any questions, you can always contact me at the fest's gmail address: jukebox.mod
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The deadline is now in 8 hours. (Except in the case of two people who picked up late pinch hits, that is.)

Or, see the deadline in your timezone and the countdown to the deadline.

Congratulations to those whose stories are in, and good luck to everyone else. ^!^

One week!

Jun. 10th, 2014 03:56 pm
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Our deadline is in, very nearly, 168 hours.

You know the drill:

Countdown to the deadline

The deadline according to your time zone

Link to the collection

Thanks to all past, present & future pinch hitters. We might need a few more - if you think you can pitch in, email jukebox.mod at gmail to be added to the list. ^!^


Jun. 4th, 2014 11:25 am
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You have a little over 13 days (sorry, not such a tidy number this time) before the deadline. At the deadline, I will automatically set to "default" anyone who has not submitted a story, and send their assignment out to pinch hit.

When you signed up, the expectation was that you would write a story and receive a story. If you can, please write your story. But if you can't see yourself finishing - which happens - please default in a timely manner so that a pinch hitter has plenty of time to write the story in your stead. (Thanks in advance, pinch hitters!)

The deadline is midnight at the end of the 16th of June if you are in New York, or 4pm on 17th June in New Zealand.

Here is the countdown to the deadline.

If I've set this up correctly, here is the deadline according to your time zone.

I hope writing is going well. ^!^ For myself, my goal is to finish my first draft before the end of this weekend.
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There are four weeks (and a few hours) remaining before the challenge deadline.

It's a nice tidy number, so I have made all requests visible.

Enjoy your writing! We could also use a few more beta reader volunteers - please see earlier post in either comm.
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If you are willing to be contacted about editing/beta-reading someone's story, please comment to this post or its LiveJournal equivalent with your AO3 name and some way of contacting you.

Writers, please get your stories checked over before submitting them.
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Since you have had your assignment for a week, it is faintly possible a post about posting to the collection is relevant. (I meant to write this post earlier, but got distracted by another exchange.)

To post a story to the collection, go to and click the Post to Collection button just under the title. If the story is your assignment, you can tick the box under Associations that says, "Does this fulfil a challenge assignment?" where your assignment(s) should be listed. Otherwise, you can enter the name of your recipient manually in the box underneath that says "Gift this work to: ______" A failsafe way to do this is to copy it from the list of names in the collection profile.

If you are fulfilling your assignment, there are several other ways to post your fic correctly. You can go to the collection, click on "My Assignment" on the left menu, and then click "Fulfil" at the top of that screen. Or you can click to "Fulfil" it through the "My Assignments" area of your personal page on AO3.

Treats and main assignments all go in the same collection. Your main assignment must be 1,000 words or longer. Treats can be any length. You can tag your treats "treat" if you want, or not if you don't want to. If you post a treat for someone, and the original writer defaults, I will check to make sure you're OK with your treat becoming your recipient's main gift.

Another housekeeping point: most exchanges have a default and banning policy, so here's mine. (There was none last year. No one was banned.) You cannot participate in Jukebox 2015 if you have failed to complete both of the following two criteria: posting a fic by the deadline, and commenting on the gift you receive. So if something chaotic happens to you around deadline - but you manage to come back and comment on your gift in the intervening year - then you're welcome to participate again, with no questions asked. If you complete a work but don't comment on what you received - well, I don't think it's very good manners, but I've never seen anyone successfully enforce commenting on gifts, so I'm not going to try either. Hope that's clear. I'll post a more concise version in the FAQ.

I will not grant any extensions. If your assignment is not complete at deadline, it goes to pinch hit. However, you're still welcome to post your work before the collection goes live. If your recipient gets two gifts that way, yay for them.
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In the event that you do not receive an email notification from the Archive of Our Own, you should be able to see your assignment by logging in to AO3. The drop-down menu from "Hi, Username" at the top right of the screen will give you "My Assignments", or you can find them on the left side of your AO3 dash.

Your assignment is due when the 16th of June turns to the 17th of June in New York, or at 4pm on the 17th of June in New Zealand. Here is the countdown.

There are no initial pinch hits - everyone has one writer and one recipient.

I will make one or two more posts in the next few days to clarify about treats (same guidelines as last year) and beta-readers (slightly different).

Have fun writing!
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Useful things:


Sign-up form

Sign-up summary

See previous posts in the LJ and DW communities for canons and dear writer letters.

Consider checking out some songs that haven't been offered yet. ^!^
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If you are interested in pinch hitting for this exchange, please comment on this post with your AO3 name and an email address. (Alternate contacts, as through a journal, can be negotiated.) Comments are screened; anonymous commenting is enabled.

Pinch hitters are writers who step in and take extra assignments when the original writer, for whatever reason, has defaulted. They also help fill the gaps if the initial matching process leaves a few people at loose ends (some with no possible writers, some with no possible unique recipients).

When a pinch hit needs to be claimed, I'll send an email around. I will probably give the assignment to the first person who asks for it, but it depends. If anyone feels strongly about this, I can change to some kind of roll-a-die-for-claimants-within-first-X-hours system, or similar. I will send a follow-up email to the group when an assignment has been claimed.

This is an expression of interest, not a promise; signing up to the pinch hit list does not mean you must claim a pinch hit. But I appreciate all volunteers. You can sign up (or ask me to remove you) at any point up to the exchange deadline.
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If you have chosen to write a letter to your writer to talk about the songs you've chosen, or give extra sources, or something similar, please link it here or at the parallel post on the LiveJournal community. Please state your AO3 name if it is different to your journal name.

This part of the exchange is optional.
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Now you can sign up!

Here is the form: SIGN-UP FORM LINK

Sign-ups will close at midnight on Sunday 4 May if you're in New York, or 4pm on Monday 5 May if you're in New Zealand. (Here is a countdown.)

From the FAQ
When you sign up, you can make between 3 and 6 requests from the available (nominated) pool of songs and music videos. There is a space to enter a prompt for each song you request, so you can give your mystery writer an idea of what kind of story you’d like.

Some exchange participants also like to post a longer letter for their writer in a personal journal or somewhere else. Feel free – that’s up to you. (I will shortly add a post where people can link their letters.)

You must also choose between 3 and 10 songs or music videos that you are willing to write for.

You will be assigned someone who has asked for at least one song or music video that you have offered. You must write them a story of 1,000 words or more, based on any of their prompts.

If none of your recipient’s requests are songs or videos you actually offered to write, email the mod account (jukebox.mod, at gmail) and I will sort this out.

What should a prompt look like?
Other, more eloquent people than me have written about how to write a perfect prompt. I have two suggestions:
-Talk about what you like (both within the canon, and in stories in general).
-Give your writer several options, if possible.

As a writer, what will be expected of me?
-Write a story to the word length and on time.
-Use your recipient's prompts as a guide. You may not be able to fulfil their request to the letter, but do your best to fulfill the spirit of their request.
-Please get the story looked at by a beta reader.
-Email me (jukebox.mod, gmail) if you're having problems.
-If the story isn't coming together, or stuff just happens, please default in plenty of time, if you can. This helps me arrange for a pinch hitter to write for your recipient.

I have not enabled the Ratings function on the sign-up form. You may certainly request explicit fic, but writers are not obligated to write a rating above their comfort level. If, as a recipient, you want writers to avoid specific things in your gift (explicit sex; verbal abuse; clowns), you are advised to mention this in your prompt.
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And here is another version ordered by artist. (You will notice that "The ..." is sorted under "T", etc, because at this point I'm using quick-and-dirty Excel alphabetisation. Sorry.)

Table of all songs and lyrics, ordered by artist )
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My especial thanks, again, to everyone who submitted music and lyrics sources as well as nominating. This effort made it much easier for me to get these tables ready in time for sign-ups.

Please let me know of any errors you notice when going through the tables.

Table of all songs and lyrics, ordered by song title )
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I have opened nominations. They will close at midnight Friday 25 April EDT, or 4pm Saturday 26 April NZST. (Here is a countdown to that point.)

Please read the guide below before you nominate, and then come back to this post or its LiveJournal equivalent to comment.

How to Nominate on AO3 )

Once you have nominated (Part 2)

While I'm approving and cleaning up the nominations, please comment or email with:
-the name of the song
-some online form (YouTube link, etc)
-the genre of the song, if known

This part is not mandatory, but it makes it a lot easier for me when I'm creating a directory of all songs, all lyrics, all YouTube videos, etc. And that directory makes it easier for participants to find each other's chosen songs.

I just had an odd moment where I thought I saw a song in the list and then it wasn't there. Phil Collins something? Three possibilities: either I'm imagining things, OR someone edited their nominations before I refreshed a page, OR I accidentally rejected a nomination. If I have accidentally rejected your nomination, please contact me, and I'm sorry. I have not seen anything that should be rejected thus far.

Thanks to those who've submitted links and information as well as nominations. I realise the tag list block text on AO3 is getting unreadable; I'll be putting up an easier-to-read list in a couple of days.


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