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FIRST: the full Jukebox 2015 schedule is under the cut.

Schedule )

SECOND: I am going to open the challenge to podfic artists and visual artists this year.

Here's how it's going to work.

For visual artists:
Visual artists will be required to create one work of minimum 700x700 pixels, or up to three smaller pieces that add to a similar total area. The work must be original and complete.

The work that an artist creates must be a response to their recipient's prompt for a song or music video that is part of this year's tag set. (Same requirement as for writers.)

For podfic artists
Podfic artists must record a story that is based on a song or music video. It must be a minimum of 1,000 words in length. The writer must have given permission for their story to be recorded (either blanket permission, or permission specific to this exchange).

Now the complicated part.

It doesn't make sense to me to match podfic artists & recipients on specific fandoms, because there aren't enough existing stories about songs. So matching is going to have to work more loosely.

Recipients are encouraged to list specific stories that they are interested in receiving as a podfic. However, podfic artists are encouraged to see these as suggestions, rather than restrictions. Recipients are not guaranteed to get a specific story they have requested as a podfic.

Recipients are strongly encouraged to list themes and genres that they're interested in. Podfic artists should keep these in mind when choosing a story to record. Prompts like, "I love stories about ghosts and fairies, and similar supernatural creatures," or "I like stories grounded in the real world - no supernatural elements please," or "I'd prefer slash if possible," or "I'd prefer a story with a female protagonist," are encouraged.

Podfic artists are also encouraged to list themes they are fond of/ not fond of, so that I can tweak matches to try to ensure that artists & recipients have some point in common, or at least not diametrically opposite taste.

Podfic artists must abide by their recipients' Do-Not-Wants.

THIRD: I am going to structure offers and requests in the following manner.

-You can offer podfic only
-You can offer art only
-You can offer fanfic only
-Or you can offer any combination of the above.

-You can request fic only
-You can request fic or art
-You can request fic or podfic
-You can request fic or podfic or art
-HOWEVER, your requests must include a fic request. That is, you cannot request art only, podfic only, or podfic or art only.

(Note: this year I am increasing the maximum number of requests to 8.)

I realise that that could be disappointing to visual artists who only want to receive visual art, or podfic artists, ditto. I have two reasons for this restriction:

-As a mod, I want to be the final line of defense, so to speak, for last minute pinch hits, and fic is the only type of gift I can produce.

-This is the first year of including other media. I see the requirement of a fic request as an intermediary step that allows me some safeguards - especially in matching, because I anticipate that the majority of people will sign up to write.

I'm still pondering the problem of anon periods, which I understand have a different impact on visual and podfic artists from their impact on writers. Suggestions welcome.

These rules are open for discussion for a few days - please, please feel free to comment! - and then I will consolidate them into an edited FAQ.

I could use some help with promotional materials. If anyone's willing to help make banners and promote Jukebox on Tumblr, for example, that'd be neat. I am willing to trade beta services? :)

I will put up a brainstorming post at some point around March 20.
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I posted here (DW) and here (LJ) to ask for feedback on the dates for Jukebox 2014 and whether art should be included. Thank you for your contributions - more are welcome there. I'll post my decision on dates and art at the end of this week (approx Jan 12), and that should be the last post I make until the exchange runs. The votes currently favour schedule 2.

Two issues came up in the comments, and I'd like to invite further feedback on those.

One: Some of you mentioned that you prefer not to have anon periods where the stories but not the authors are revealed. A few others chimed in to say you do like anon periods. I personally like them, but since as the moderator I know who wrote what, I realise that's moot. My current plan is to have an anon period this year, but make it much shorter than it was last year - probably 5 days. Let me know if that's a useful compromise.

Two: I floated the idea of art fills - and a couple of people raised the point that I need to define what is meant by acceptable art. Um. As I think you can tell from the design of the comms - ^!^ - I do not have artistic skill myself. Checking f_fa's archives and some other exchanges' guidelines suggests the following:

Art must be:
-a single piece between 500 and 2000 pixels in either dimension or a set of 3+ smaller pieces

Media could include
-images physically drawn & scanned
-images created with graphic programs

Art would be posted by finding a place to host the final product and embedding your fill in a work posted to AO3, since AO3 does not host art itself.

I want to also say that manipulated images are acceptable, but I have no idea how to define "you have to know what you're doing and be able to use pretty layering things and have a cool idea you want to convey" vs. "No heads pasted on and weird collages." (collages have their place! But I'm not sure people agree that they're reliably equal to a 1,000-word story.)

If anyone could point me in the direction of a more detailed set of guidelines, I'd be grateful.

However, as I post this, 1 person has said they'd give art (but only as treats), and 6 people have said they'd request art (but with caveats), so I suspect we will not try art this year.

Again, thank you for your feedback.


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