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From this post, there is exactly 1 week to the assignment deadline for Jukebox. I hope you're enjoying the writing/drawing/recording process (as applies). I'm available at if you have any questions.

ETA: Deadline adjusted for pinch hit 5

Pinch hit #5 is due at 11:59pm EDT on Thurs 1 June - see below cut for details. Please either comment (it's screened) or email to claim this pinch hit.

Pinch hit #5 - CLAIMED )
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Admin note #1: Sign-ups are open for just under 3 more days. I will close them at approx 6pm on Thurs 16th April in my time zone, NZST. Time in your time zone is here, and there's a 'countdown' button in the 'Event actions' menu to the right. You can add, edit, or delete a sign-up until that time.

Admin note #2: I closed sign-ups briefly and ran matching, just to see how things were shaking out. Everyone has someone who can create a gift for them. Two people have no one they can write, edit, or record for. I'm not too worried, because we have 3 more days of sign-ups, but if the situation is the same when sign-ups close, I'll talk to the relevant people before I proceed with assignments. Everyone needs a potential assignment before I will send assignments out.

Admin note #3: Huzzah for the number of sign-ups so far! I am excited to see new people - welcome - and to see people returning - welcome back! And to those who have signed up or pinch hit or shown interest before, but aren't around for this round - thank you for your interest at the time, and best wishes now.

Pinch Hitters
If you are interested in pinch hitting for this exchange, please email with your AO3 name, the media (fic/art/podfic) you can pinch hit for, and your preferred email address IF it's different to the one you're contacting me on.

Beta readers/feedback-givers
If you are willing to look over the gift someone has created before it goes live and give them feedback on what works and doesn't work for you, checking spelling, etc, please comment to THIS POST or to the equivalent beta post on LJ. Please indicate some way for the creator to contact you, any further information they need to know (such as "I will not read a story over 5k" / "I cannot look at art that depicts X" / "I'm busy in the last two weeks before deadline"), and your AO3 name if you are also signing up for the challenge.


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