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48 hours to deadline

Your assigned fanfic, fanart, or podfic is due at 11:59pm EDT on Saturday 28 May.

There is currently one outstanding pinch hit.

This post has a round-up of useful links.
Most usefully: the AO3 collection.

I'm impressed at the number of works submitted already. People still working, you (we) can do it!

If you see a hit on your work, it is because I am checking which songs have works, so that AO3 staff can look out for them to wrangle. I may check for completeness, but if I do, I won't do that until a few hours before works are revealed. I would appreciate if anything you uploaded was a rough draft at worst (no placeholder text, please) but I'm not going to police that.
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Please post your fics to the collection before 11:59pm EDT on Saturday 28 May.

See time in your timezone
Countdown to deadline

If you don't think you can complete your work, please default (you can press Default next to your assignment on AO3) and I will ask pinch hitters to cover the assignment you are relinquishing. People default for many reasons; you don't need to let me know yours. I am concerned only with where pinch hits are needed.

However, I hope that applies to very few people, and that most participants are either done, nearly done, or convinced they will be very soon be nearly done. ^!^ (I am in the latter category.)

Please contact me at if you have problems submitting your work or if you have any other questions.
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Your assignments are due at 11:59pm, EDT, on Saturday 28 May.
See what time that is in your time zone
Countdown to deadline

I hope that writing/drawing/recording is going well.

More useful links:

Beta post on Dreamwidth
Beta post on LiveJournal
All requests in a .rtf file
Letters on Dreamwidth
Letters on LiveJournal
Giant table of canons with videos and lyrics
Measured_Words' playlist of requested songs (as available)
Profile page of Jukebox 2016 AO3 collection
Link to post a work to Jukebox 2016*
*This works both for assignments and treats. If you are posting your assignment, look for the question on the form, under Associations, that says "Does this fulfil a challenge assignment?" and enter a tick for the appropriate assignment. If you have previously posted an AO3 assignment and are familiar with the procedure, use the method you prefer! You can continue to edit your work at any time after posting it.

There may be an issue with new fandoms being wrangled so that they appear on the fandoms page of the collection while works are still unrevealed and/or anonymous. I'm looking into it and will let you know what I know.
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Thanks to everyone who got a work in. I know there are a couple of people still working.

If I have not heard from you - and you have not received my reply, confirming that I've heard from you - I will assume I need to find a pinch hitter for your assignment.

A couple of pinch hits will go out shortly. Of the earlier pinch hits, #5 is still unclaimed.

I aim to reveal the collection at:

5pm EDT, Saturday 6 June
9am NZST, Sunday 7 June
9pm GMT, Saturday 6 June.
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It is now 4 weeks to assignment deadline! Give or take a couple of minutes. Assignments are due on the 3rd or the 4th of June, depending on what time zone you are in. See when in your time zone works are due.

Because of this, I have made all requests visible. See all requests.

A couple of notes:

-I'm typing this up quickly in my lunch break and am generally lazy, so I'm not planning on writing a How To Post Your Assignment post. HOWEVER. If posting an assignment to AO3 is new to you, please email me with any doubts or confusion. I am always happy to answer questions; you are not wasting my time.

-Treats are encouraged! Treats of any length and type can go in the main collection. Your treat will not become someone's main gift unless I've checked with you first. Post at will!

-If you have some time to beta other people's works, consider offering your services on the relevant previous post (will edit link in later).
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Sign-ups will be open for approximately 5.5 more hours. They will close at approximately 6pm NZST on Thurs 16 April.

Here is the widget that displays the time in your time zone.

Last time I looked, everyone DID have a possible match both ways. Congrats! That means that I am likely to send out assignments a few hours after I close sign-ups.

If you are working on a letter, please try to ensure it's complete and unlocked by the end of 18 April in your timezone, whatever that is. I won't be checking, and there's no penalty, but it will help your creator get off to a good start if your letter is waiting for them (or coming VERY soon).

Please see the previous post for pinch hitting and beta reading.
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Admin note #1: Sign-ups are open for just under 3 more days. I will close them at approx 6pm on Thurs 16th April in my time zone, NZST. Time in your time zone is here, and there's a 'countdown' button in the 'Event actions' menu to the right. You can add, edit, or delete a sign-up until that time.

Admin note #2: I closed sign-ups briefly and ran matching, just to see how things were shaking out. Everyone has someone who can create a gift for them. Two people have no one they can write, edit, or record for. I'm not too worried, because we have 3 more days of sign-ups, but if the situation is the same when sign-ups close, I'll talk to the relevant people before I proceed with assignments. Everyone needs a potential assignment before I will send assignments out.

Admin note #3: Huzzah for the number of sign-ups so far! I am excited to see new people - welcome - and to see people returning - welcome back! And to those who have signed up or pinch hit or shown interest before, but aren't around for this round - thank you for your interest at the time, and best wishes now.

Pinch Hitters
If you are interested in pinch hitting for this exchange, please email with your AO3 name, the media (fic/art/podfic) you can pinch hit for, and your preferred email address IF it's different to the one you're contacting me on.

Beta readers/feedback-givers
If you are willing to look over the gift someone has created before it goes live and give them feedback on what works and doesn't work for you, checking spelling, etc, please comment to THIS POST or to the equivalent beta post on LJ. Please indicate some way for the creator to contact you, any further information they need to know (such as "I will not read a story over 5k" / "I cannot look at art that depicts X" / "I'm busy in the last two weeks before deadline"), and your AO3 name if you are also signing up for the challenge.

One week!

Jun. 10th, 2014 03:56 pm
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Our deadline is in, very nearly, 168 hours.

You know the drill:

Countdown to the deadline

The deadline according to your time zone

Link to the collection

Thanks to all past, present & future pinch hitters. We might need a few more - if you think you can pitch in, email jukebox.mod at gmail to be added to the list. ^!^
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First: Here is a playlist of songs for which there are stories in the exchange.

Youtube playlist )

Some caveats - Seanan McGuire's 'Mother of the Crows' does not exist on Youtube (the lyrics are linked in the M-Z song table); Nana Mizuki's 'Justice to Believe' promotional video has been taken down over the course of the exchange, so that I am only able to link to the song.

Let me know if I've missed any other songs.

AO3 has kindly fixed the error that was causing five fandoms not to appear on the fandoms page. All of the songs that have been written for should now be visible.

This is also your 30-minute warning to finish up with your editing and with tweaking your summaries (she says, tweaking her summary)!
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Thank you to all who have contributed to the 51 stories currently waiting in the archive.

At the knell of deadline, I have three pinch hits (#s 6–8). If you can write for them, please contact me. Consider treats if you can't write a full assignment. In fact, consider treats generally. (This is not a ploy. I already have a treat! Thank you, writer(s).)

Pinch Hit #6 - CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit #7 - CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit #8 - CLAIMED )

Deadline of each pinch hit is 05:00 am EDT or 21:00 pm NZST, Wednesday 25 September. I know that may seem like an odd time to Americans especially, but it's calculated to give me a back-up if something goes wrong on your end. :)
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At that time I will send any outstanding assignments to the pinch hit list.

Good luck if you're still working, and thank you to those who have submitted their stories.

You will be able to upload treats to the collection between deadline and reveals. (You can even upload treats now. Go for it! ^!^)
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Just two more posts and then I shall cease to spam the comm for some time.

To fulfil the challenge, your story should be completed and submitted by midnight of Monday 23 September if you are in New York, or 16:00 of Tuesday 24 September if you are in New Zealand, or at the point that this countdown turns to zero. I realise a couple of the dates I put down in earlier posts were wonky. Sorry. I'll make sure someone proofreads my dates in future.

I wanted to give everyone the maximum possible writing time for this challenge, before Yuletide is likely to kick in. But because of that, the 23rd of September is a really hard deadline: I'm hoping to reveal stories just two days later. Two days after that, I'm out of all cellphone/internet access for a weekend. (And I personally want to have time to comment on stories before I leave. :D) Just please be aware that there is minimal editing time between the deadline and reveal.

Treats are encouraged!

You can submit a fic that isn't your assignment by going to the main collection page and clicking Post to Collection. Make sure you fill in your recipient's name.

If your treat is over 1,000 words, and the original writer for that person defaults, it is possible your story may become your recipient's main gift.

Because of the tight timing at the end of the writing period, I will not be creating a separate 'Madness'-style collection for smaller treats. Just post them to the main collection. You can do this at any time. The main fic you are writing for your recipient must be 1,000 words or more; there is no minimum word count for any other fics you choose to write.

In the middle of the writing period - approximately September 2 - I will reveal all requests in the collection, and at the same time, invite people to check in with me as to their writing progress. It is not mandatory for you to contact me at this point, but I think it's a good idea for you to check how you're going. If a lot of other commitments have come up and you realise you need to default, I'd much rather know that three weeks before the deadline than learn it right at the end. (I know this is not always possible to control!)

And hey, if at that point things are going great and you're feeling confident... all the prompts will be available for your treating needs & desires.

I strongly encourage you to get your stories read by a beta. Even short treats.

You may already have a regular beta, but in case you are in need of one, I propose we arrange things Rarewomen-style, with an email list.

It works a bit like the pinch hit list. When you have a fic you'd like a second eye for, you email me (jukebox.mod) with its length, its recipient, maybe its canon, and any other information you think is relevant. I will then act as go-between and send the details to a list of people who have volunteered for beta-reading, making sure to exclude the recipient. Someone replies, I connect you with a beta-reader, all is good. The advantages here are that a writer doesn't have to carefully check a list of people's squicks and lengths-I-will-edit, and they are able to connect immediately with whoever has free time at that moment.

Potential beta readers can volunteer for the email list in the next post, which will have screened comments (just like the pinch hit list).

Comments are enabled as normal on this post, if you have any critiques or suggestions.


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