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The collection should be on track to open at the scheduled time.

As a reading aid, here is a playlist of all songs currently in the collection. (I will update this again just before opening the collection.) When going through the collection, why not set the playlist to random, listen to a song, and read the related story?

Two songs - Fire in the Head and I Left the Wolves Behind That Night - are not on YouTube. However, they can be accessed through the table below.

Song Artist Format Links Lyrics Genre
Abraham's Daughter Arcade Fire (Song) Link 1 Lyrics
After the Rain Has Fallen Sting (Song) Link 1, Link 2 Lyrics, Lyrics
Aquarium Camille Saint-Saens (Song) Link 1 Programmatic, Classical
Big Science Laurie Anderson (Song) Link 1 Lyrics Alternative
Bonelace Weaver (Traditional Song) Link 1 Lyrics Traditional
Butterfly Rajaton (Song) Link 1 Lyrics
Daft Punk Medley Pentatonix (Music Video) Link 1 Lyrics
Dani California Red Hot Chili Peppers (Song) Link 1 Lyrics
Dashboard Modest Mouse (Song) Link 1 Lyrics Alternative Rock
Do You Remember the First Time Pulp (Song) Link 1 Lyrics Britpop
Fire in the Head Sharon Knight (Song) Link 1 Lyrics
First of the Gang Morrissey (Song) Link 1 Lyrics Indie
Flawed Design Stabilo (Song) Link 1 Lyrics Indie Rock
Funhouse P!nk (Song) Link 1 Lyrics
The Golden Age Woodkid (Song) Link 1 Lyrics
Goodbye Earl (Song) Link 1 Lyrics
The Green Valley Puscifer (Song) Link 1 Lyrics Alternative Rock, Post-Industrial, Trip-Hop
I Left the Wolves Behind That Night The Tiger & Me (Song) Link 1 Lyrics Folk, Pop
Invisible Light Scissor Sisters (Song) Link 1 Lyrics Pop Rock, Glam Rock, Nu-Disco
Judas Lady Gaga (Song) Link 1 Lyrics
Kentucky Avenue Tom Waits (Song) Link 1 Lyrics Rock
Kill Your Heroes AWOLNATION (Song) Link 1 Lyrics
Little Talks Of Monsters and Men (Song) Link 1 Lyrics
The Man Who Sold the World David Bowie (Song) Link 1 Lyrics
Married to a Mermaid (Traditional Song) Link 1, Link 2 Lyrics Folk, Ballad
Moon Over Bourbon Street Sting (Song) Link 1 Lyrics
No Death Mirel Wagner (Song) Link 1 Lyrics Singer Songwriter
Nuit d'ivresse Hector Berlioz (Song) Link 1, Link 2 Lyrics Opera Duet
Oh Henry The Civil Wars (Song) Link 1 Lyrics
On the Bus Mall The Decemberists (Song) Link 1 Lyrics Indie Rock
Once and Never Again The Long Blondes (Song) Link 1 Lyrics Indie
One More Cup of Coffee Bic Runga (Song) Link 1 Lyrics Folk, Chamber Pop
Origami Capital Cities (Song) Link 1 Lyrics Electro-Pop
Pretty Good Year Tori Amos (Song) Link 1 Lyrics
Ringo Lorne Greene (Song) Link 1 Lyrics
Say Something A Great Big World (Song) Link 1 Lyrics Soft Rock
Seasons In The Sun Terry Jacks (Song) Link 1 Lyrics
Snow White Red Road Cheshire Moon (Song) Link 1 Lyrics
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out The Smiths (Song) Link 1 Lyrics Alternative Rock
Things We Lost in the Fire Bastille (Song) Link 1 Lyrics
Thomas the Rhymer (Traditional Ballad) Link 1 Lyrics Traditional
True Faith New Order (Song) Link 1 Lyrics Rock
Uptown Girl Billy Joel (Song) Link 1 Lyrics
Viva La Vida Coldplay (Song) Link 1 Lyrics
Wasted Youth/Everything Louder Than Everything Else Meatloaf (Song) Link 1 Lyrics Rock and Roll
When Blackbirds Fly Michael Franks (Song) Link 1 Lyrics Folk
White Unicorn Wolfmother (Song) Link 1 Lyrics Hard Rock
Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd (Song) Link 1 Lyrics Rock
Witch Hunt Jack Off Jill (Song) Link 1 Lyrics Goth Rock, Riot Grrl, Spoken Word
The Wondersmith and His Sons Astronautalis (Song) Link 1 Lyrics Alternative
Wooden Girl ~Thousand Year Wiegenlied~ Akuno-P (Song) Link 1 Lyrics Vocaloid, Electronic

Note that three songs - No Death by Mirel Wagner, Moon Over Bourbon Street by Sting, and Butterfly by Rajaton - are not appearing in the collection's fandom list, for some reason. However, there are stories for them in the collection, and AO3 Support has been asked to look into this.


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