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This pinch hit is due at 11:59pm EDT Thursday 1 June. (Countdown) - or slightly negotiable. Note that reveals are scheduled for 4:59pm EDT Friday 2 June (Countdown).

Please reply to this post or email to claim.

Request 1 by Deifire
Black Eyes - David Wirsig (Song)
Fanart, Fanfic, Podfic

I adore everything about this beautiful, creepy, little apocalyptic folk song, so please take it and go anywhere you're inspired with it. Who is the narrator? What was going on with those dreams? What happened to the old friend? What is that thing with the eyes? And who or what are those screams in the attic coming from? Are we going to be very sorry we ever asked these questions?


Request 2 by Deifire
Deeper Well - Emmylou Harris (Song)
Fanart, Fanfic, Podfic

I love the quest imagery in this one in as much as I love that it's a story of addiction and choices, especially the sense that the narrator's is a failed quest and potentially a sort of legendary cautionary tale. Feel free to take the lyrics as metaphorically or as literally as you want and tell or show more about her and her search for the deeper well. Does she ever find what she's looking for? If not, what does she find instead? What happens along the way?


Request 3 by Deifire
Famous Blue Raincoat - Tori Amos (Song)
Fanart, Fanfic, Podfic

I love this version of "Famous Blue Raincoat" not only because it involves one of my favorite artists covering another of my favorite artists, but also because I'm intrigued by a version of the story where Jane and the letter writer/narrator are both female, with the backstory between the two of them and the "you" in the song potentially being an f/f/m or f/f/f triad, depending on what direction you want to take it. So tell me more about all three of them. What was their relationship then and what is it now? Did the raincoat owner ever go clear, and what does that mean in this context? Does this letter ever get sent? Or received?


Request 4 by Deifire
Man in the Long Black Coat - Joan Osborne (Song)
Fanart, Fanfic, Podfic

I was inspired to request this one by someone else's incredible prompt from a couple 'fests back which mentioned that the original was based on the Daemon Lover ballad, but this cover could as easily be read as a call to adventure. This is also a cover where I love the possibilities having a female narrator brings to the story. So what happened here? Who and/or what was the man in the long black coat? Who was the woman and why did she leave with him? Where did they go? What is/was the woman's relationship to the narrator? What happened to this place in the aftermath?


Request 5 by Deifire
My Ride's Here - Warren Zevon (Song)
Fanart, Fanfic, Podfic

There is so much fantastic imagery in this song. I love the overarching journey to the afterlife narrative, but I also love that each verse has enough going on in it that it could be one or more stories all on its own: the conversation between Jesus and John Wayne, the angels and the Pinto, the romantic poets having to fight their way out of east Texas...also, who is the narrator? What happens after this ride gets there? And who's driving?


Request 6 by Deifire
Tornado - Little Big Town (Song)
Fanart, Fanfic, Podfic

Love this vision of a wronged woman as a destructive force of nature. Tell or show me this story, and feel free to take the lyrics as literally as you'd like. Who are these characters? How did things come to this? Is there anybody else caught in the path of the storm? How does this all end?

This is a song request, so incorporating elements or characters from the video is completely optional, but please feel free to do so if so inspired!


Request 7 by Deifire
Trouble's Lament - Tori Amos (Song)
Fanart, Fanfic, Podfic

This one has fantastic possibilities. Tell or show me more about Trouble. What's her relationship to the singer? What was the falling out with Satan all about? What leads people to make contracts and deals with her? How are Danger and Despair involved with all this? Does she find a home by the end or does she have to keep running?

This is a song request, so incorporating elements or characters from the video is completely optional, but please feel free to do so if so inspired!

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