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The assignment deadline is past. I gave some extensions, so if you do not have a gift and do not appear as a pinch hit, feel free to check with me - - as to when your gift may appear.

See below for four further pinch hits (please reply here or email to claim).
Pinch hit #10
Request 1 by Longpig
Turn Down for What - DJ Snake & Lil Jon (Music Video)

My love for this canon focuses on the video, and I have So Many Questions, so here are some starting points!

1. What caused this outbreak of dancing, and convulsing primary & secondary sex characteristics? Is it a virus? Are there other symptoms? Is the city/nation struggling to contain an epidemic?

2. What happened the morning after? Did they all go out for a really awkward breakfast? Did they go their separate ways and try to forget it ever happened? Or did they decide to live in a sexy dance commune?

3. What about the cop whose face got melted off through the phone? HOW?? And was there an investigation? The call might have been traced back to that girl’s apartment somehow. It would amuse me to see how that played out.

4. How do you even file an insurance claim for something like this? Or a disability? Sorry, I can’t work at Starbucks anymore because my boobs won’t stop bouncing?

So yeah, just a few things to give you an idea of what interests me about this canon… Go nuts!


Request 2 by Longpig
Queen of Time and Space - Project Pitchfork (Song)
Fanart, Fanfic

First of all, for this canon, I highly recommend you check out the song on Spotify/Google Music/whatever, because the only Youtube videos are live versions, and the quality is just not as good.

So for this one, it’s the lyrics that really speak to me. It’s a really cool, spooky fairy tale type thing, and that’s the kind of story I’m looking for.

I’d like to hear more about the girl. Where did she come from? Has she just always been there? Or is this a duty that was passed on to her? How exactly *is* she the queen of time and space? What does that entail? Is she lonely? Does she have a guardian Is she benevolent, indifferent, or does she take some kind of sadistic glee in controlling everything? What if she doesn’t want to do it anymore?

I’d also be interested in a story about an adventurer/explorer finding her, whether because they sought her out, or by accident. I imagine the castle is not just in the physical world, but in some other dimensional space, so the journey itself would be pretty cool.


Request 3 by Longpig
The Night Begins to Shine - B.E.R. (Music Video)
Fanart, Fanfic

This video is everything. It’s some kind of tribute to/spoof of Heavy Metal (the movie), prog rock, Mad Max… I could listen to this all day every day! I’d love some kind of world-building for this post-apocalyptic landscape, including or not including the adventures of the alt-titans. Or something told through the POV of the horse/pegasus, wolf, and/or hawk. CA-CAW!


Request 4 by Longpig
The Remnants of Percy Bass - Rasputina (Song)
Fanart, Fanfic

The lyrics to this song are so melancholy and evocative and leave a lot of room for some poignant stories, I feel. Who is the narrator to Percy? Why won’t she ever tell who he was? What happened to him to make him the way he is now? Who was he before? Exploring any or all of these would be great for me.


Request 5 by Longpig
The Signs of the Zodiac - Rasputina (Song)

Another beautiful alt-folk song from Rasputina… I would love some kind of world-building around the magic system alluded to in the lyrics. I assume the narrator/singer is a practitioner, so perhaps something about her life and practices. Or something about the circumstances of the subject of the song (‘you’), including that. Are all or many the people around them also involved in this coven/group of practitioners, without their knowledge, and now that this person is gravely ill, they’re bringing them in in order to save them somehow? From what?


Request 6 by Longpig
Da Funk - Daft Punk (Music Video)

This video has nagged at me for 8 years. Why is Charles a dog? But his parent is apparently a human? Nobody seems to notice/care about this? And there is a regular dog at the newspaper stand?? And HOW THE HELL COULD BEATRICE NOT RECOGNIZE HIM?


Why can’t he turn that music down, or leave the radio?

What happened to his leg?

But really, WHY IS HE A DOG


Pinch hit #11
Request 1 by Quillori
Diese kalte Nacht - Faun (Song)

Request 2 by Quillori
The Enchantment - Sheila Chandra (Song)

Request 3 by Quillori
J’ai vu le loup le renard chanter (Traditional Song)

Request 4 by Quillori
Le Roi d'Aquitaine - Kurt Weill (Song)

Pinch hit #12
Request 1 by spiderfire
We Know the Way (Moana Soundtrack) ft. Lin-Manuel Miranda - Opetaia Foa'i (Song)
Fanart, Fanfic

There is no part of this song I don't love. The drums, the multilingual nature, the words. It's all good. If you want to write something in the Moana world, that is fine, but I'd really love it if you took the words of the song on their own merits. Adventure can come in many forms, but often in stories of adventure the hero is reluctant, not choosing their own path. What I love about this is the confident way in which the adventurers go forth. The way they pass the traditions along from generation to the next. I'd love a spacefaring AU. Or maybe in the video there is the wayfinder with the red hat who passes the mantle (necklace of big teeth) on to another. Something with them. Or really, anything else. :) Thank you!

Request 2 by spiderfire
The Enemy Within - Rush (Song)
Fanart, Fanfic

No prompt. I just want to see what you do with this song! :) I am sure I will love it!

Request 3 by spiderfire
The Chemical Worker's Song - Great Big Sea (Song)
Fanart, Fanfic

This song is so heartbreaking. I would love world building, or a sci fi crossover, or an exploration of the characters in the song. Thank you!

Request 4 by spiderfire
I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor (song)
Fanart, Fanfic

When I was coming out as a queer person in the height of the AIDS crisis, this song was such an important anthem to me and others I know. For others it is a feminist manifesto. I know that people have a variety of connections to this song and I would love to see how you connect with this song. :)

Request 5 by spiderfire
Lobachevsky - Tom Lehrer (song)
Fanart, Fanfic

I am a teacher and every time around this time of year I have a plagarism case, this year is no exception. This song always come to mind. I'd love a story of cheating, the more outragous the better. I'd love a story of the one whose work was stolen, outragous and insane or serious.

Pinch hit #13
Request 1 by Zdenka
Build That Wall (Zia's Theme) - Darren Korb (Song)
Fanfic, Fanart

Request 2 by Zdenka
Diese kalte Nacht - Faun (Song)
Fanfic, Fanart

Request 3 by Zdenka
Egil Saga - Faun (Music Video)

Request 4 by Zdenka
Hand of Sorrow - Within Temptation (Song)

Request 5 by Zdenka
Der König in Thule - Carl Friedrich Zelter (Song)
Fanfic, Fanart

Request 6 by Zdenka
London Bridge is Falling Down - Peter Bradley Adams (Song)
Fanfic, Fanart

Request 7 by Zdenka
Roundtable Rival - Lindsey Stirling (Music Video)

Request 8 by Zdenka
Still Here - Caitlin Canty (Song)

Request 9 by Zdenka
Svarta rosor - Jean Sibelius (Song)
Fanfic, Fanart

Pinch hits are due at 11:59pm EDT Thursday 1 June. (Countdown)

I will shortly post a playlist of all songs for which a work has been posted (updated as treats & pinch hits come in, of course).
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