Apr. 7th, 2017

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I have re-opened sign-ups while the technical difficulty is ongoing. See end of post for ETA!

Anyone is welcome to sign up or to adjust their sign-up. However, I strongly suggest that while you're editing a sign up, you save anything you've written frequently (for example, in a text document), and check the comm frequently - I will give notice when I close sign-ups again, but it may not be very much notice.

If you have any questions or problems, let me know at jukebox.mod@gmail.com.

Thanks for your patience.

ETA: Sign-ups will close at midnight-thirty Eastern time, or 4:30am UTC, or at the next :30 from now. If you are making changes, please save and submit them before then, or contact me! Thanks.
morbane: woman sprawled on bed next to vinyl record, text "jukebox" (Jukebox)
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You should now be able to access your assignment from your Archive of Our Own account. Thanks to CJ for sorting out the assignment interface problem with a handy tip.

I will post initial pinch hits tomorrow my time. Also upcoming: beta posts, and a playlist of all requested songs.

Assignments are due at midnight EDT between the 27th and 28th of May (Sat/Sun), or 4am UTC 28th May, or 4pm NZST 28th May. If your assignment does not seem to match what you offered, please email jukebox.mod@gmail.com as soon as possible, and I'll look into it. Otherwise, please submit a work to match one of your recipient's songs in a medium they requested for that song, taking note of their Do-Not-Wants, before the deadline.

Have fun!


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